Free Tookie!


Snopp Dogg, Nate Dogg and Jamie Foxx recently came out with a song and music video dedicated to the founder of the infamous Crips (a gang). Stan “Tookie” Williams is scheduled to be executed in California on Dec. 13.

I thought that was interesting.

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  1. Didn’t he get a noble peace prize for writing children books? I kind of feel sorry for him, even though he was convicted of a murder.

    Poor guy

  2. jaimie foxx played him in this movie. it was madddddd good, awesome really. and yeah he wrote childrens books, go figure.

  3. This man has been in jail a long time,due to a conviction that COULD be wrong(the system DOES make mistakes). He has renounced his gang affiliations and does not support young people joining gangs. He has turned his thinking around,is self educated while in prison and writes books that inspire the youth in positive ways. People change and he is an important example for (esp.)urban youth who are looking for role models. He needs to stay alive to keep promoting peace and NOT gangs.The youth look to him as someone who was screwd up,angry and started a gang,but who evolved,who changed,and who is trying to be real and honest and promote peaceful ways rather than violence. He needs to be alive to continue his work.WE need him to survive because the kids care more about what he says then what we say. He has the background,speaks the language and has really evolved into a beautiful human being.Hope the Govenator sees the light. Peace,Janet

  4. PS He has been nominated more than once for a Nobel Peace Prize but has not been awarded to date. There are people out there in the world who recognize CHANGE in another human being,recognize that people can turn themselves around in amazing ways and want others to know. The mass media machine and mean,ignorant?spiteful people would call others MONSTER,etc. in an attempt to demonize someone,some group,some religion,and that can never be right. Sadly,if you only watch TV news or listen to regular radio,you get cheated from hearing other perspectives,from actual thoughtful discussion.

  5. Thank you very much for the information. Yeah i read about this man. He has changed a great deal. He should be forgiven and granted clemency by the governer who is Arnold Schwarznager (spelt it wrong, I know).

  6. Yo I Think No Man should be sent to death no matter what he did Sam Tookie has shown he is a changed man and he is willing to do w.e it takes 2 prove it Allah Haffiz

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