Make sure you clear your history!

Google Search History used to convict a criminal

So now law enoforcement agencies can go through your history and see what you searched for on Google, to convict you of crimes.

Watch what you search for!

7 Replies to “Make sure you clear your history!”

  1. Oh crap! (shocked) are you serious? I should start clearing my history quick…..thanx 4 the warning.

  2. Asalamu Alaikum
    O snap that is crazy. Are u for real. Anyway nice to see u back and blogging again.

  3. the government did not search through this person’s google history to find a crime to convict him of… he committed murder, and they used this as only supporting evidence (by itself, the history would not be proving his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt). so rather than running to erase your google history.. just dont kill anyone and google his name afterwards

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