Deeds are like Internet Cookies…

Except you can’t delete them. Our deeds, whether good or bad are written down. Records are kept of every action we take. Just like how every website we go to, they send a ‘cookie’ to a temporary folder. The difference is we can delete the internet cookies, but we can’t delete our ‘deeds cookies’.

We can’t eat them either!

(Edit: you can change your deeds, by repenting and doing good deeds to over write the bad deeds. You guys get the point.)

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  1. salam MR… mashaAllah you have some gr8, thoughtful stuff on your website, may Allah preserve you in your efforts, especially da jokes :)…
    just wanted to remind those of us (1st and 4most myself) who do wrong to themselves and to others, ‘not to lose hope in the Mercy of Allah’, as He says himself… so plz correct me if im wrong MR, but we CAN actually wipe our bad deeds (bar a few, i.e. shirk)… all we gotta do is make sincere repentance 🙂
    such is the beauty of Islam!

  2. de ja vus?

    inshah Allah youll do great on your exams! IF you study inshah Allah, and THEN the wife, AMEEN !!

  3. yaa amir, when imam sudais (one of the shayookh of masjid al-haraam in makkah) was a child and he did something bad, his mother used to say, “may you grow to be imam of masjid al-haraam” (or something to that effect). the point is, always ponder upon a du’a that someone invokes for you. probably you tell all your friends to ask Allah to make the exams easy for you or so and so, but for the people who are in du’a for you when you don’t ask them… subhanAllah, there may be something unique in why they are invoking Allah for that. May Allah allow for you to cross the siraat with ease and allow for you to purify yourself of any traces of being a munafiq. Ameen, thumma ameen.

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