Iraq held it’s elections

And no attacks happened. Funny thing is, “masked gunmen” were guarding the polling stations. Very interesting, how America goes after these “so called terrorists” but then use them to help initiate a ‘stable’ Iraqi government.

In reality, the “masked gunmen” were Sunnis, trying to allow their Sunni brothers and sisters to vote, to show the shia that they aint bullshiaa’in (haha, jk to all my shia brothers and sisters).

I don’t know who exactly will become President, but I hope its a Muslim leader who is adherent to the teachings of Islam and open for re-building the country and ending any type of war. And most importantly: GETTIN THE US SOLDIERS OUTTA IRAQ!

InshaAllah (God willing)

Allah knows best.

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  1. S.A

    bro forget dat puppet regime — its is sadder that sadaam ni99a — Mujahideen are going to make the occupation drink it’s own blood years to come. Big up’s to my cuz up in da fight there. May Allah (swt) bless all the bro and sis’s that have shed blood in the name of Allah (swt)

    “What was taken in blood can only be regained in blood”

    Oh yeah by the way hit me up I’m trying to make up a clothing line for us muslims — tha thug in us u know — I have one logo for like polo shirts and stuff but I dunno about it

  2. there may be some good in this new government, inshaAllah, at least the muslims came out to vote and select a leader.

    there are lots of muslim clothing lines out there, search google, you’ll find them

  3. assalamualykum

    who led the voting in iraq? who has total control of the media coverage, that spoon feeds everyone, everythgin that they want them to hear abt this “election”?

    Brother, lets be real…this election is an attempt to show just how ‘innocent’ american intentions were in going into iraq and to rationalize “wmd’s” that btw were never found…ever…because they weren’t there!

    …subhanAllah its ashame the measures some coutries take to hold there place of national diplomacy…and its also so0o ridiculous.

    i agree, i hope that a good muslim wins the election. but, wats the reality of this happening?
    neways i respect ur views…these are just my 2 cents…and i came across ur page thru another blog so i thought id comment


  4. ASA! ok first is first its a shame u didn’t make any song and dance about Saddam Hussain’s genocidal regime. Actually masked gunmen were put there to protect against own sunni brothers and sisters, who did not want their own people to vote. This is no attack on any of my sunni bros and sis, unlike you with this joke? “bullshiaa’in”? but as a Muslim you should give the whole picture and the truth. Anyways I won’t stoop down to your level of wordplaying with terms to offend. This is what I’ve learnt from my religion Islam.
    This ain’t no justification for US going to Iraq on false grounds, but it never ceases to amaze me how Muslims are so quick off the mark about retaliating to America, but didn’t say half as much about Saddam. Wasalam & peace.

  5. Ur right bro, what matters now is the Iraqi ppl and their well being. Inshallah we’ll make dua for them that they get a stable islamic country. Salam

  6. 1.uh ‘song and dance’ a phrase!ok.and who is caring ‘about’ saddam?I’m saying ppl putting in the same effort, Muslims mainly, in going out of the way to condemn him, just as they do with americans. and yes this is a major complaint, by Iraqis themselves.
    2. And yes, once again I am worrying about the people. Worrying about them not being able to step foot outside without the risk of mothers children and fathers being daily blown up. Iraqis trying to simply line up to get a job or watch a new water system installed to be blown up.
    2.And lets have the full story. Why is it so vital for US troops to get out. Oh yes because Muslims, mostly those not even resident of Iraq, are being able to bomb innocent civilians, with the justification of US troops being on ‘their’ land.
    3. So please bro give a full picture on everything. And please read my post to see that my only aim is to propagate what the Iraqis want and demand.

  7. You just reiterated what I said, but as well as condemning US remaining in Iraq, how about you also give the same if not more of the disgusting people killing their own Muslim people? whats worse? Wasalam & peace

  8. the people who commit those killings against innocent muslims are committing a grave sin! it is completely and totally haram (forbidden) to oppress or kill innocent muslim civilians.

  9. as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah sunnis only,
    shi’ites have proven time and time again their hatred for the truth, this is why they assist the americans in their occupation. when the honorable abu musab al zarqawi and the mujahideen destroy the americans with the help of allaah swt. they will still strive against the filth of the rawafidh (rejectors of hadeeth and quraan, ie. shi’ites) occupiers. all i have to say is **** SHI’ITES, they beg for scraps and left overs from the americans after theyre done raping our beloved muslim sisters like the scum they are. **** YOU SISTANI, YOU KALB AL NAR!!!

  10. Ya Allah! I think I’ve just discovered Abu Musab al Zarqawi (Lanat-ullah) online.Man and your post was allowed to remain.May Allah (SWT) give all peacemakers patience, InAllaha Mahus Sabireen.Thanks ryder for addressing my post. Wasalam & peace PS I’m still recovering from shock ppl like sunniset exist.

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