The Mafia Connections with Islam

Have you seen the movie series The Godfather? Ever notice the respect and authority the Godfather receives from his enemies, his patrons, his friends, his families and his loyal henchmen. They all pledge full allegiance to him. He is like the Amir-ul-Mumineen, the Khalifa. Every Muslims gives bai’yah (allegiance) to the Amir. They respect him and obey him.

Well I was recently watching the movie series, The Godfather, and I was observing how all the henchmen would kiss the hand of the Godfather. Then I remembered how the murids (disciples) would kiss the hand of their Shaykh.

Why did the mafia practice this? Was it from Islam? Where did they get such respect and authority in their leadership? Well I don’t really know. I’m assuming from Islam, of course.

The Mafia originates from the Italian Island, Sicily. In the history of Sicily, you will find out that the Muslims controlled it. Under the Muslim rule, the Italians were persecuted (yes the Muslims weren’t good Muslims), so they created a secret society against the Muslims. This society was called: the Mafia. Eventually in 1060, the Muslims lost control of Sicily and it went to the Normans. Months later it was then controlled by the Byzantines.

So in conclusion, the mafia was developed to defend the Italians against the Muslims, in Italy. Then in the 1900s it was used to make Italians rich from alcohol, drugs and gambling in America.

Maaffeeya in Arabic means “exempted”
Mahiya in Arabic means “flashy”
Mu-afah in Arabic means “security, protection”
Mahajas in Arabic means “excessive boasting”

Guess what, all those are some characteristics of the Mafia. Coincident?

How to Get a Free Video iPod

I’m sure you’ve seen many links to free items. You may wonder is it really legit?

I am here to tell you freepay sites are legit and you can get free stuff. Here is a video I made after I got my free psp [Warning: conatins music] (Note: Make sure you don’t hit the menu system or else the video will stop playig):

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6. Wait till you get 5 complete referrels. Then they’ll ship your video iPod to you.

Note: You need a credit card/gift card to sign up for the offer. If you do actually want the offer (product) you signed up for, then don’t cancel it. For example, you may want to rent movies from BlockBuster. I don’t know.

My Referrel link:

Saudi Relgious Po Po – The Facts

I have heard many negative things about the Saudi religious police. They wear khaki pants and beat men and women with batons. They don’t have beards. They think they high and mighty. They yell at people. They hit you or hit on you. And the list goes on. I recent read this post from this brother’s blog, All About GQ, about his observation and factual evidence of the Saudi religious police.

Here is a break down of the brothers and sisters of the police:

  • The Male Saudi Religious Po Po’s:
    • Appearance:
      • They wore white thaubs which came down to just above their ankles. When inside the Haram, they would be wearing black dress socks. Sometimes they would be barefooted.
      • They wore a red/white checkered Shima’a over thier heads. Sometimes they wore a white skull cap (taupee/kufi) underneath the Shima’a to keep it from falling off.
      • They had big beards. Many of them didnt even trim it. It was left untouched.
      • They were people with little hair, but grew whatever they could. They had less hair because their hair wouldnt come out.
      • I know this because I was looking at them upclose. lol Yeah, I was that in love with them.
      • They carried a walkie talkie. Thats all. If anything, they had some dates in their hands that they passed out to people for good behavior.
    • Actions:
      • They they had to be the most humble people ever. Subhana’Allah You never heard anything harsh from them.
      • They wouldnt even touch you if they wanted you to move.
      • During prayers, they would walk around and check to see if the women were in the right places. If they were by the men, they would send them back.
      • They would say “Hajjia, Hajjia” as they would point towards the back. They didnt even raise their voices or become “mean.”
      • One time the Religious Police told these Shias to get up and go back of the Haram right before the prayer. Well these Shias got up and tried to verbally fight them.
      • They started to say, “Are you an Alim? Are you a Mufti? Who do you think they are?”
      • The Religious Police remained calm, yet held their ground. They didnt leave until the Shias went to the back.
      • Masha’Allah, the Sabr these people had.
      • Whenever they would walk by me, I would say Salaam. Sometimes they would initiate the Salaam. Wallahi, whenever we exchanged Salaams, their faces would light up with a huge smile. Its as if they absolutely love it and wait for people to say Salaam. Its like its the only thing they look forward to.
  • The Female Saudi Religious Po Po:
    • Apperance:
      • They wore a burqa which covered their ENTIRE bodies including their faces. They were in ALL black. They also wore black gloves and black dress socks. You couldnt even see an inch of their skin.
    • Actions:
      • They would just deal with the women. They usually stood at the entrances and checked the purses for any cameras and directed traffic for the women. If the men tried to go through entrances for women, they would stop them and tell them to through another entrance.
      • Subhana’Allah, they were very humble, too. You never heard a word from them. They would keep to themselves. They never spoke to men either.
      • If it was necessary, they would speak behind a border or a screen. Masha’Allah.

Note: All apperances and actions were taken from All About GQ.

Updates: Part 2 of the Relgious Police taken from All About GQ.

Kobe Bryant scores 81 points

Kobe Bryant scored 81 points yesterday against the Toronto Raptors. This guy is amazing. Earlier in the season he had a 62 point game, and now this!

Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, now a Lakers assistant said: “I was at the game when Elgin got 71, so I’ve been at both games that set the Lakers franchise record. Elgin did it without the 3-point line. His game was attacking the hoop and hitting jumpers within 20 feet. Kobe’s range is unreal and he does it his way.”

Kobe: “Not even in my dreams. This was something that just happened. It is tough to explain. It is just one of those things.”

Phill Jackson: “I’ve seen some remarkable games but I’ve never seen anything like that before. It’s just a personal challenge for him to attack the whole team. It was not exactly the way you want to win a game, but when you have to win a game, it’s great to have that weapon to be able to do it. We rode the hot the hand.”

Kobe made 28 shots out of 46 taken and made 7 3-pointers out of 13 taken. He also made 18 out of 20 free throws.

MR: This guy is amazing!

JT on ‘The Infamous List’

JT is on the possible terrorist list by the FBI. No, not Justin Timberlake, but as the FBI call them the “Jammat Tablighi”. As we Muslims refer to these brothers as the Tablighi Jamaat aka TJ. FBI agents are stupid. First of all, the switch the ordering of the letters and words. Secondly, they pick the most humblest, neutralist and calmest type of Muslim group. The biggest point of this group of Muslims is to give dawah to Muslims. Bringing other Muslims closer to Islam.

The TJ are known for going on 40 day-trips to different masjids and living there. They like to appear at Muslim homes and invite them to come to the Masjid for prayer. They are also famous for cooking really good food at the masjids. Trust me on this. It is worth to eat dinner with them.

I wonder if FBI agents ever graduate from high school?

Here is the article:
FBI labels Jamat Tablighi as terroists


The FBI is officialy the organization of high school drop-outs who dislike Islam.

Turning Muslim in Texas

Amazing Video! Talks about Texans becoming Muslims. George Bush, your day will come soon and we can call you Bro. George, inshaAllah! Hahah! [Note: Make sure you don’t hit my flash menu while the video is playing, or else the video will stop.]