Michael Jackson is Muslim?

Update (6/26/2009): Imam Zaid Shakir has confirmed he is a Muslim saying this:

A good friend who is a reliable source of information called and said that Michael had become Muslim. He had been working on an album with the well-known Muslim musician, Dawud Warsby, and another Muslim performer, and the two, sensing Michael’s troubled and depressed state had invited him to Islam. He accepted their invitation. Michael was no stranger to the religion, having been exposed to it by his brother Jermaine, who had converted to the faith in 1989.

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Michael Jackson is muslim?

That’s what I read on this site and the Jews say the same:

Michael Jackson going Muslim?

Well if it’s true, then Alhamdulillah, inshaAllah he’ll change and become a better human being. If it’s not true, then he’s not a muslim.

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  1. well, i thought it was public knowledge he belonged to the nation of islam? .. so i hear but nevertheless, i dont think that counts as muslim!

  2. Former pop star, Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), converted, now Michael Jackson…is this becoming a new trend- popstars converting to Islam. I knew something was up when he was going to Bahrain so often …lol

  3. no way.
    He cant be muslim.
    Since when did jews become an authority in saying so and so is muslim or so and so is not.
    Okay so a pervert, possible child molestor or someone who is getting bad spotlight, viola! make sure to YET make muslims look even worse, make sure to call this prettier than his sister boy, muslim.
    The dude looks like a pretty woman, I am even surprised he has kids(that is besides the point)….
    been a lot of rumor about his conversion and all for the past 10+ years, I doubt it.

  4. what? so pple can tell ur a muslim when u make antisemetic comments?!!! its all rumours, frm way back.until we hear from a RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY source we just dont know

  5. hahaha..Michael Jackson muslim? haha wow ..if he is I hope all shows him the right path inshallah. if he ain’t hahahah Michael Jackson muslim Wow if yeah live long enough u’ll here and see everything.

  6. If he has converted to the real Islam, he will be in peace and harmony! Inshallah, he will be a great Muslim and a lesson to other weak muslims, hopefully make their Imaan stronger and believe that only god can make these miracles happen!!! There is one god, Allah!

  7. well….if only the jews have made this point?? then why is it not on the main headlines..i mean jackson is famous so every1 shud b talking about if. if ur talking about his molesting act..maybe jews labelled him as muslim because of all other happenings which involve muslims e.g. bomb threats, suicide bombings so why not a molester in the pic. if its true then may Allah make him and all other human stronger in their faith and imaan. Ameen!!

  8. i so dont believe it….not so long ago i herd comedian Dave Shepell became muslim…and that “big movie star” Will Smith was thinking of converting after making the movie “Muhammed Ali”.. i dunno wat to believe…this religion is “alhamdullillah” a very beautiful religion…i woulndt think y any1 wouldn’t want to convert…but making rumors such as these, and having ppl believing it knowing inside that there is like not even a 50% chance that it might be true onsidering the media and everything thats going on right now….the last thing these “famous ” ppl would want is to get “this” type of intention if u kno wat i mean?
    then again…Alluhu ya’lam -god knows best

  9. well wont be surprised if he does convert anyway dont care much micheal jackson is not quite right there is something not right up there in his head. anyway i guess he is just trying out something new its a trend

  10. so what if he converted to Islam? Good for him
    I salute u Mr.Jackson & may Allah bless u & protect u from any bad thing or one.

  11. All pop stars will convert in islam including Michael Jackson Yusuf islam (Cat steavens) and more…. I will also convert within a short time in islam. Islam is basically a true religion and 100% satisfaction when we study islam. We cannot take satisfaction from any thing in the world either, good job, business, car, big homes, etc….

    I request to those who critisized in islam and muslims, that they study islam with some scholars of islam and understand what is islam, then i belive they will say that we have lost all our life without islam…. thanks…

    i am from india (hindustan) and i belive that after studying islam after 9/11 that i was lucky that when i will die, die in islam…. because every life will take a taste of die… wassalam to all human…

  12. Alhamdullillah. That is ones belief. It has nothing to do with who he is. If he follows the true teaching of Islam, inshaaAllah he becomes a good musalim. If he follow his heart and ill feeling, he becomes a bad muslim. A true muslim is true from his heart, his acts and speech. Allahhualam.

  13. 786
    hi my name is babar and i am form pakistan.
    alhamdullillah i am muslim.and i say to yousf[micahael]plz work islam in amrica.and come pakistan sam time bicous pakistan is muslim country and i hope app[you] larun about aslam in pakistan.i am 8the class student if any mistake in my english plz don.t mind.

    allah hafiz.

  14. micheal jackson iz not converting in to anything first of all he’s a free mason because look at his album cover dangerous and u can see the 1 eye of the devil and dis white white guy hu tried 2 replace da qur’an wid dis book a new law 4 man or something

    and second of all the jews r sons of bit**es because dey just love 2 chat bare sh*t 2 fool muslims

  15. Actions are only by intentions..all of us has the right to change and become a better person..michael is one of the example to all of us that even his having everything he stil not contented.. he stil need someone who is protector.’Allah(swt)to guide in good pathway..then ask urself, are u in guidance to good pathway?

  16. raja u must be a crazy guy u r of a different religion so u can’t say that muslims r fools and if u r saying like this so u hindus n christians r as bad to burn in the Hell.
    and u muslim 4 life u must be a crazy guy 2.u peaple just get jealous of v muslims that so many out there r beig converted to muslim!

  17. Asma Khan Pathan, I think Raja meant Jews fool Muslims, as in they make them believe otherwise, not that Muslims are fools. LOL.

    Anyways, the important thing is that MJ’s soul is happy wherever he is whether that be Jannat, Heaven or Paradise.

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