Islamic sorority for Sisters

A group of 13 Muslim sisters at the University of Kentucky have started up a Islamic Sorority called Gamma Gamma Chi. Unversity of Maryland Baltimore Campus will follow soon. The sorority won’t have an alcohol at parties, nor will it have the opposite gender. Basically it will be a very unique sorority. It’s open to all Muslim sisters whether Hijabis, Nikabis or Nojabis. Althia Collins, a convert to Islam, is a supporter and donated $50,000 to the organization.

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MR’s opinion: this is hot! Too bad I’m not a sister, or I’d start it up at my school too. This is a good dawah project.

Oh yeah, its a bidah hasana! ahahahaha

Gamma Gamma Chi

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  1. Wow Mashallah now thats my kind of college…Inshallah Hope I get excepted to UMBC.
    Shukran for the article

  2. the point? what about the floating masjids, or the masjid on every block in most Muslim countries. do u know what this sorority plans on doing? most of the money will most likely spent in sadaqa. some non-muslim sororities/fraternities do this.

  3. Assalamu alaikum

    So long as the basis of this sorority is pleasing Allah (swt) through adherence to the Qur’an and Sunnah, then whats the beef? If they seek to imitate the kuffar, then it won’t benefit them in this life or the akhirah.

    Actions are judged by intentions. We really aren’t in the position to judge their intentions.

    At the same time, the term ‘sorority’ has such a negative connotation. I went to UMBC for my undergrad and my experiences with fraternities and sororities were not too good.

    Allahu alim.

    I’m curious if this is goign to be at UMBC or at UMB.


  4. ASA–
    correction GGC was started in Greenboro, NC buy Imani Abdul-Haqq and her mom Dr. Althia Collins. The sorority now has 4 chapters. NO campus based chapters as of yet. check out GAMMA at or you can check out it’s 3rd chapter BETA chapter at . Insha~allah GGC will be inducting a DELTA chapter (chicago city wide) and an EPSILON chapter (philladelphia city wide).

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