A Call for Salatomatic.com to end the labeling of Masjids

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The website (http://www.salatomatic.com/) features an amazing database locating and reviewing mosques/masjids and Islamic schools around the US, Canada and the World.

However, one major troubling issue at hand is the search option for the mosques/masjids which give the following options to choose from: Sunni (traditional), Sunni (salafi) and Sunni (sufi).

Every mosque/masjid around the world is a House of Allah. Homes of Allah are not meant to havens for sectarian divide or politics. All Muslims are free to enter masjids for the worship of Allah. We should not label these Houses of Allah as ‘traditional’, ‘salafi’, or ‘sufi’. We are all muslims! They are for Muslims.

To label these masjids as such you are only promiting the futher disunity of our ummah. As Imam Zaid Shakir (may Allah reward and protect him) has written:

“We frequently hear terms such as a Salafi Masjid, an Ikhwani Masjid, a Sufi Masjid, and other such aberrations. Although the orientations that form the basis of these appellations may have great benefit for their individual adherents, when they become exclusionary appendages affixed to the Masjid, they can be extremely alienating… .
This politicizing of the Masjid sometimes leads to excessive arguing and disputation. In many cases, heated disputes among the defenders of varying interpretations of Islam, repulses many Muslims.” [Shakir, Zaid. “Flight From The Masjid.” Scattered Pictures: Reflections of an American Muslim. (Hayward: Zaytuna Institute, 2005), 106]

We humbly and respectfully ask the webmasters/owners of the website (http://www.salatomatic.com/ ) to remove these options in the search fields to stop promoting the unneccessary divide within our ummah.

May Allah (swt) unite our hearts and overcome our differences all for His sake alone. Ameen!

Wasalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

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11 Replies to “A Call for Salatomatic.com to end the labeling of Masjids”

  1. As a convert to Islam It has only recently started to come up where people ask me what kind of muslim are you. to which i reply a muslim muslim. i agree with you compleltly

  2. Salam, although I agree that we are “Muslim Muslims” and no other labels fit us as people, I disagree with the petition’s explanation.

    You choose “Sunni” or “Shia” in the options, so it’s already not “unified.” Or is a Shia mosque not even a house of Allah?

    And from the signatures: “Sufis & Nation of Islam idiots need to get a life and stop disuniting Muslims.. be sunni you can’t go wrong”. Ahh, yes.

    The practices and beliefs of mosques are something that already separate them in the US. If you do not identify with that particular strand of beliefs, you will feel uncomfortable going there.

    Things that are acceptable in one mosque may not be acceptable in another. These labels, although over-simplified, are helpful to some degree.

  3. I agree with the petition. I don’t see anything wrong labelling shia and sunni mosques because it is a practical issue. They pray mughrib at a different time, they have some different celebrations (like ‘Ashura), they pray differently… but practically speaking, going to a “sufi” or “salafi” masjid has no weight.. good job amir!

  4. Sunni and Shia are ACCEPTED differences. This new phenomonan (spelt wrong) of salafis, sufiis, traditionals, modernists, ikhwani, khalafites, etc. is a disease amongst the sunnis and shias. We can’t let it corrupt our masjids/mosques. This is the reason for the petition.

  5. Salam, You don’t think that sufis and salafis have different ideas of what a mosque should be? Besides sufism being “unnacceptable” from a Salafi strandpoint, they have differing thoughts about women issues and accomodations.

    A salafi belief is that women should pray at home and they are less likely to attend to her concerns about a women’s area (or even create one) because, after all, a “woman’s prayer is best inside the home!”

    They also have much stricter dress codes for women, i.e. you will not be allowed inside (or would be harassed) for not meeting their standard of dress code.

    Perhaps a Sufi or Salafi masjid is no different for a man, but at least from a woman’s perspective, it is.

    Also, I don’t think Salatomatic is “promoting” this divide. I believe it is already in effect for the mosques, that is, you can ask people inside and they will tell you, “we follow the manhaj of the Salaf” or “we follow the tariqa of shaikh So-and-So.” No?

  6. Oh yeah, my linebreaks aren’t converted automatically! Sorry about the big block of text, I really do know how to compose a paragraph. 🙂

  7. First of all, u generalized salafis, there are many types of salafis, and they are many types of sufis, there are strict sufis who have the same belief as the salafis regarding women and their dress code. also u proved my point why salatomatic should NOT have those options, because if the person truely wanted to know they would know just by asking about the masjid. to publicly LABEL A HOUSE OF ALLAH. not a house of the salafis/sufis/etc. Another point is, some of the masjids that are labeled sufi are salafi, and some that are labeled sufi are salafi. It is best to have 2 options: Sunni or Shia. This has been a accepted difference for more then a 1000 years.

  8. But the label is changeable, anyone who disagrees or finds fault with the label of their mosque can change the label, or choose “traditional” — the ones who are choosing the label likely identify with it. And if not, they can change it.

    However, you still say that a house of Allah is not a house of sufi or salafi, but if it is a “true” house of Allah, the shia/sunni/ahmadi/etc. label doesn’t matter either…

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