Looking for Comedy In The Muslim World

This has got to be the funniest movie coming out!!!

Click here to view the trailer

Remember, if this is your first time seeing it here, you heard about it on MR.net. 😉

13 Replies to “Looking for Comedy In The Muslim World”

  1. hey! wassup?! yeah, i heard bout that movie long time back. i wanna see it, fa sho! it’s got sheetal sheth, who was also in dat movie “ABCD” and it’s got tons of cute desi dudes. 😉 hehe. plus it seems hilarious!

  2. i think its a disgrace :@…they should ban that movie.

    what do they think it is?…

    make a bloody movie on laffing at other religions..

    u know what sad thing is, when the muslims accept what the kuffar are doing and follow them blindly..

    dont say am wrong as u know what i mean..


  3. what do you think of Azhar Usman, Preacher Moss or Azeem? the famous muslim comedians of the Allah Made Me Funny Tour!

  4. actually i saw albert brooks on the daily show the other night, it might be funny afterall. Ill reserve all judgement till after seeing the movie for myself.

  5. honestly i thought it was pretty offensive. buncha stereotyping and stuff. i didnt like it and i hope they dont release the film

  6. this movie looks mad prejudiced. first of all, he’s in india, a primarily hindu country most of the time. anyways, i think he’s profiting over the stupid “jew in a muslim country” joke.

  7. man that is mad retarded,
    white people cant tell the difference btween hindus and muslims.
    and jews know the difference but want to keep it top secret and if you guys want REAL humor, check this out

    best site in Australian MUSLIM entertainment,
    you’d love it, I do!

  8. ur cussing, is giving muslims a badder name. its a movie first of all. its comedy second of all. no one takes it seriously. plus i heard the movie sucked anyway, like it wasnt funny. so now it will just be forgotten

  9. i think he has good intention…maybe he didnt do extended research bout da muslims..but we cant blame him..he’s jew..i’ll see this movie

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