Turning Muslim in Texas

Amazing Video! Talks about Texans becoming Muslims. George Bush, your day will come soon and we can call you Bro. George, inshaAllah! Hahah! [Note: Make sure you don’t hit my flash menu while the video is playing, or else the video will stop.]

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  1. Iv seen this video aired in the uk about 2 yrs back on channel 4 , mashallah goood to see ppl converting

  2. dont call niqaabies scary 🙁
    i love the video alhamdulillaah… i just wish it wouldn’t take soooooo long to load… any idea why? is it my computer?

  3. Niqaab is powerful and attractive in its own way.

    Now taht is why Texas Da’wah Conference rocks.
    Okay Niqaab is not fardh as a majority opinion but still, it is following Allaah’s commands and also the lady is wearing lighter colors so people are not scared of her. She chugged her American clothing for niqaab, that takes a lot of guts
    and usually it is the muslims that have issue and are scared of niqaabs than non-muslims.

    Br. MR, whered you get this video from?
    can you give me the link?

    I enjoyed the video, you all should check out Texas Da’wah Conference next year, definitely inshaa Allaah now!

  4. lets all ignore the statement just made by MR.
    awesome post, great video, but why the heck is the narrator british? hmmm, lets think about that one.

  5. sorry, meant to say that the Texas Muslims community is vibrant, nothing to do with niqaab or anything,

    and because the texas muslim community is vibrant, the Texas Da’wah conference from what I heard probably rocks!.

  6. what does it mean when ppl say :faint::? ive been seeing it lately but i dont get it…
    as for the video.. its still not working fully for me and im really upset about it, i think its my stupid computer, but i dont knw what to do! its buffering half the time its playing, and gets chopped up, so ive only seen bits and pieces of the video.. i even downloaded the video from google and its still doing that…
    any advice anyone? 🙁

  7. :faint: = u think its hot, a crush, i dunno see girls use it on famous celebrities, so i used it too, haha…… now about ur computer problem, solution A) use another computer to watch it, and/or soultion b) update ur windows critical updates from the microsoft site

  8. Jazk’Allah khair brother for posting this video. I sincerely appreciate it. Subhan’Allah it just shows you the truth and beauty of Islam. This is my personal opnion that reverts/converts to Islam mostly are more steadfast in their Deen and spiritually stonger than their born Muslim counterparts. May Allah Guide our ummah in the Straight Path Ameen.

  9. assalamu alaykum wrwb wow..mashAllah pretty awesome. good to kno. texas does have alotta muslims mashAllah. i started niqab for a while..ehh wait iwas 12 hah..ma mom made me take it off lol inshAllah later on..wa alaykumussalamwrwb

  10. hahah very cool. Especially the niqabi they keep showing with cowboy boots. They must have showed her 3 times. What was with that?

  11. its really disapointing to hear muslims say niqabi is scary ..sounds like what a kafir would say! hmmmmmm

  12. Masha’Allah i really enjoyed the clip, however if we can all be reminded of the words of the Prophet (sas), the meaning of which is to speak nice or stay quiet. To have a sister, in this day and age, from TEXAS, aka super white backwoods country, wearing the niqab is a STRONG testament to faith. Imagine if the sister read your comment, how would that make her feel especially considering her reversion into Islam was such a momentous occasion. With all due respect my brother or sister, let us watch our tongues as the Prophet said “is it by anything except their tongues with which people are dragged into hell-fire.” Insha’Allah you can forgive me for coming on strong, but i really felt something had to be said.

    -Your brother in Islam

  13. Selaams Bros and Sistas in Islam from An American Muslim in Germany!

    1) Of course wearing a niqab
    is felt as “Scary” by certain segments of society
    ..even i feel it´s scary hahaha…sorry but true..
    in Arabia US Troops used to call them “Ninjas” so THAT would be a kind of compliment
    but i do feel sincerely that niqab is detrimental to the dawa work worldwide…and remember during Hajj a niqab is not acceptable….ok for those who will state “Yeah but these things are only in the exceptional circumstance of the hajj” I say USE HIKMA= Wisdom!!! A German Muslim Brother i know “presented” his niqabi wife at the airport and his mother fainted…10 years plus later he told me with hindsight it was the wrong thing to do….NO BLIND FOLLOWING OF MADHABS OK!!
    it´s time we get our islam in gear not keeping it to ourselves like a diamond,
    hoarding God´s riches but
    with all our intelligence,
    might and main making islam access-able (couldnt spell that right!!) to all…
    HOW do ya do THAT you may ask?? According to Koran:
    God made creation mankind and jinn in order that they may GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER!!
    invite a not-yet-muslim-person to your house for dinner…let them take part in salah…bring them to the mosque..and with other bros and sistas…support them in thier deen even AFTERther reversion to islam so that the wont have an AVERSION…
    ok guys this is THE FIRST POSTING EVER in my life and i am 39 years old so THAT must mean something!!!
    YO Bro mujahideen ryder message for you : I studied at suny stony brook back in the day 1984..InshALLAH we see each other in FIRDAUS and keep up the good work
    and remeber the hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAS when Abu Bekr was afraid of their pursuers after takin refuge in the cave and when Prophet SAS said what do you think of two when the third is ALLAH!!!!

    May many become Muslim thru your site Bro!

  14. asalamualykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh…mashaAllah, you were at SUNY SB a very long time ago. its 2006 and im attending that school, subhanAllah, inshaAllah we’ll meet in jannah or on earth too, only Allah knows. ameen. ma’asalama

  15. Assalamu Aleycom.

    Great video!
    I love those clips about converting to Islam.
    When this sister became new muslim i got goosespot.Is so strong of american to convert to Islam and also live in usa.Niqab is so nice,i love niqab.Maybe is more easy to lives in usa then in sweden and be muslim.
    Islam is so wonderfull.i feel sad for those people who think negativ about Islam.We take care of our family,sister and brother.

    ma salam,maryem

  16. wow. I am an ethiopian muslim living in Canada. I didn’t even think texas had muslims. jazakullah khair for the person who posted this.

  17. good video. I just don’t like the fact of refering people as white muslims or converts. Islam existed before black white or arab race. The first human adam (pub) was muslim. so in a way everyone is a convert. good video though.

  18. I’ve seen this video before and I find it amazing..

    As for niqaab, Whether you think it’s obligatory, a sunnah or weird/scary, I will continue to wear it. Both my muslim and non-muslim friends/coworkers understand it and are used to it. I’m probably one of the most bubbliest happiest people you’ll meet. But with preconcieved notions about the cloth that covers my face, you’d never get to know who’s underneath.

  19. AsSalaamu ‘alaikum. Subhanallaah I disagree with the notion that niqaabies do not give da’wah. It simply isn’t true. And it isn’t true that they’re keeping Islam all to themselves either. Many niqaabies give da’wah to the non-Muslims and help out in the community of Muslims much more than anyone else. If you look in Muslim history, for example look in Fiqh As Seerah by Al Ghazali, and you’ll find that during the time of the Prophet (saws), when they harassed a niqaabi, and told her to uncover her face, she refused to. She was selling something in the market, and was in Jewish territory, surrounded by non-Muslims, but that did not influence her to compromise her deen. She had the support of the ummah back then too, who rushed to her defense. What a shame, the Muslims have not kept this common sense and sense of brotherhood. What a shame, we have forgotten the words of ‘Umar ibn Al Khattab (ra) that when he was going to meet the people in Jerusalem, who were giving him the keys to that city, and he was walking through the mud, pulling the camel, and he had 14 patches on his clothing, and the sahabi with him, felt that maybe these people will loook down on him for this, he said (along the lines of) “We were a lowly people, and Allaah honored us with Islam. So if we seek to gain honor by anything other than Islam, Allaah will cause us to be humiliated again.” He was right. When the non-Muslims saw him looking like that, they started crying, and they were amazed at the simplicity of Islam. And according to Ibn Katheer, they had in their books, a description of the man who would get the keys to Jerusalem, and it included that he would have 14 patches on his clothes. Subhanallaah. When are we going to stop judging by the criteria of the world and its people, and start judging by the criteria of Islam? As we all know, one of the purposes of Islam is to keep the family in tact, and preserve the modesty and chastity of its members, and make the society a pure place to live. Niqaab defintely does not hurt in achieving these purposes. Our honor is in Islam, and only in Islam. Niqaab is part of regaining that honor. Many niqaabies have been hafidhaat, and have taught Qur’an, they’ve been scholars, and have taught Islam. Many have given charity and have raised orphans and have nursed the sick in times of crisis. The best women that ever existed – Ummahatul Mu’mineen and the Sahabiyat – are from among those who covered their faces. Let’s not discourage a good deed in any way, shape or form. We will need ever single little bit of good deeds we can get on the Day of Judgment. When we see our deeds being weighed on the scales, we will wish that if only we could give anything to return to the world and do all the good deeds we could possible find in the Qur’an and Sunnah, and do them purely for the sake of Allaah, but only then it will be too late. Let’s encourage the good and only the good, and make the Qur’an our furqaan the way its supposed to be. And as a side note, niqaab being fardh is a very plausible opinion considering as how Allaah (swt) commanded the jilbab and the khimaar in the Qur’an, and said to cover everything except that which is apparent, which Ibn Mas’ud (ra) authentically reported refers to the outer garment itself. And the sahaba Ubaidah bin Salmaanee, when asked about the ayah about jilbab, he demonstrated by covering his face, and only exposing the left eye. There ae two opinions, one that niqaab is mustahab and one that it is fardh. Either way it’s not haraam. May Allaah (swt) forgive me for anything wrong I’ve ever said or ever will say, and may Allaah swt always put forgiveness and love for each other in our hearts, as loving one another is a characteristic of the true believers.

  20. Even though I’m a Christian male from I love Niqabi, and also Muslims who wear Hijab. Why? Because I honestly feel that it’s a great thing to do, both for yourself, and for your religion.
    I can’t tell you how angry I am at Jack Staw’s comments about the Veil, in the UK, and would love to wear Niqab myself if I was in the position to do so, and i’m proud that Muslims who previously didn’t veil, have started to do so now.

    If any of you wear Niqab on here, I am very happy that you are doing so, and would like to make friends with Niqabi.

  21. Even though I’m a Christian male, I love Niqabi, and also Muslims who wear Hijab. Why?
    Because I honestly feel that it’s a great thing to do, both for yourself, and for your religion.
    I can’t tell you how angry I am at Jack Staw’s comments about the Veil, in the UK, and would love to wear Niqab myself if I was in the position to do so, and i’m proud that Muslims who previously didn’t veil, have started to do so now.

    If any of you wear Niqab on here, you get my full respect, and I kind of feel proud of you.

  22. as salaamu alaikum. first off, i love this video. i have it on my myspace. but what is all this i read about people not thinking there are muslims in texas. it’s the biggest state in the u.s. (alaska doesn’t count). Houston is filled to the brim with muslims. as well as dallas and fort worth. in fort worth i’ve had muslim cab drivers not charge me for rides just giving the salaam. and texas isn’t super white backwoods country, that’s alabama! stop believing what you see on t.v. and another thing, the Bush Family aren’t Texans, they are from New York, SNAP!!!! that’s right they’re yankee carpetbaggers. on a lighter note i think it’s beautiful how that sister says “Allahu Akbar” in our texas accent. y’all know what i’m talking about. peace

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