JT on ‘The Infamous List’

JT is on the possible terrorist list by the FBI. No, not Justin Timberlake, but as the FBI call them the “Jammat Tablighi”. As we Muslims refer to these brothers as the Tablighi Jamaat aka TJ. FBI agents are stupid. First of all, the switch the ordering of the letters and words. Secondly, they pick the most humblest, neutralist and calmest type of Muslim group. The biggest point of this group of Muslims is to give dawah to Muslims. Bringing other Muslims closer to Islam.

The TJ are known for going on 40 day-trips to different masjids and living there. They like to appear at Muslim homes and invite them to come to the Masjid for prayer. They are also famous for cooking really good food at the masjids. Trust me on this. It is worth to eat dinner with them.

I wonder if FBI agents ever graduate from high school?

Here is the article:
FBI labels Jamat Tablighi as terroists


The FBI is officialy the organization of high school drop-outs who dislike Islam.

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  1. wow, thats ultra low. The TJ’s are quite prominent in the UK too..in more islamic ghetto areas though like leiceter manchester etc etc…what harm did they ever do though?…ughhhh…

  2. Salaam bro,

    Anyway, I wouldn’t say dropouts, more like government-funded Secret Police. And this all goes back to Bush’s stupid laws, PATRIOT Act, Department of Homeland Defense, etc. Basically they can just smear anyone they dislike with a label and it will stick. And once the government is against then so is most of the ignorant public.

    I live in Australia, over here, I remember a while back they jailed an Imam at a Mosque not that far from my own house because he was studying a course about Terrorism and Political Sciences at a University. I don’t know under what “technicality” they charged him with, but the Muslim Community was just pissed off. So they dropped the charges.

    Very Sad when we live in a world like this.

  3. I’m sorry but that’s got to be the biggest load of crap ever. described JT as “a terrorist organization (that) . . . provides material support . . . to members of a designated terrorist organization – al Qaida; and provides the same types of material support . . . to an undesignated terrorist organization – the Taliban.”

    Provides support to the Taleban? The Taleban fell apart after the invasion of Afghanistan, there’s no such thing, their all just a bunch of scattered Tribal Chiefs. This is pure insanity! I’d like to the FBI prove any of these charges.

  4. What a load of bush shi*, how much more crap can they produce. TJ or JT, whichever, are numerous here in England, they all humble bros and sis’s, one can only question the motives of the fbi in marginalising ordinary active muslims.

  5. next, they are gonna say the sufi tariqas support terrorists, lol!

    and they are gonna say the sufi people do this,
    God, the tablighis are teh most non-violent of all muslims.
    I cant believe it.

    And then, they are only gonna accept the progressives
    but after couple of years
    the progressives will be labeled terrorists.

    As they say in french
    Se la Vee(I dont know how to spell).

  6. Ridiculing the FBI is not helping ur situation. We already have groups like CAIR defending Jamati Tableegh, and if u want to show support to them thats fine. But it is quite immature and counterproductive of you to make such attacks as calling the FBI a group of high school droupouts. Grow up. If u want to bring up a serious issue, deal with it seriously, otherwise ur just embarassign yourself and your cause.

  7. listen u idiot, this is my blog, i can say wateva the jahanam i wanan say, its not an organization or a group or a movement to help this situation. no matter wat CAIR or any Muslim group does, if Allah wills it, its done. and yes ima say it. MOST FBI agents are idiots. they are slaves to the big boys in DC.

  8. i heard about this too. i mean common, this is so dumb. wat are they gonna do, arrest every single person who ever went on tableeghi jamaat? must be like 5000 people worldwide!

  9. more like in the millions. i’m a serious tableeghi and i don’t think a single tableeghi bro or sis would even care that the fbi decided to do so, because when one is in the Path of Allah, he/she can have no worry, for ALLAH obviously protects those who tred his divine path. This issue is useless to discuss.

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