Saudi Relgious Po Po – The Facts

I have heard many negative things about the Saudi religious police. They wear khaki pants and beat men and women with batons. They don’t have beards. They think they high and mighty. They yell at people. They hit you or hit on you. And the list goes on. I recent read this post from this brother’s blog, All About GQ, about his observation and factual evidence of the Saudi religious police.

Here is a break down of the brothers and sisters of the police:

  • The Male Saudi Religious Po Po’s:
    • Appearance:
      • They wore white thaubs which came down to just above their ankles. When inside the Haram, they would be wearing black dress socks. Sometimes they would be barefooted.
      • They wore a red/white checkered Shima’a over thier heads. Sometimes they wore a white skull cap (taupee/kufi) underneath the Shima’a to keep it from falling off.
      • They had big beards. Many of them didnt even trim it. It was left untouched.
      • They were people with little hair, but grew whatever they could. They had less hair because their hair wouldnt come out.
      • I know this because I was looking at them upclose. lol Yeah, I was that in love with them.
      • They carried a walkie talkie. Thats all. If anything, they had some dates in their hands that they passed out to people for good behavior.
    • Actions:
      • They they had to be the most humble people ever. Subhana’Allah You never heard anything harsh from them.
      • They wouldnt even touch you if they wanted you to move.
      • During prayers, they would walk around and check to see if the women were in the right places. If they were by the men, they would send them back.
      • They would say “Hajjia, Hajjia” as they would point towards the back. They didnt even raise their voices or become “mean.”
      • One time the Religious Police told these Shias to get up and go back of the Haram right before the prayer. Well these Shias got up and tried to verbally fight them.
      • They started to say, “Are you an Alim? Are you a Mufti? Who do you think they are?”
      • The Religious Police remained calm, yet held their ground. They didnt leave until the Shias went to the back.
      • Masha’Allah, the Sabr these people had.
      • Whenever they would walk by me, I would say Salaam. Sometimes they would initiate the Salaam. Wallahi, whenever we exchanged Salaams, their faces would light up with a huge smile. Its as if they absolutely love it and wait for people to say Salaam. Its like its the only thing they look forward to.
  • The Female Saudi Religious Po Po:
    • Apperance:
      • They wore a burqa which covered their ENTIRE bodies including their faces. They were in ALL black. They also wore black gloves and black dress socks. You couldnt even see an inch of their skin.
    • Actions:
      • They would just deal with the women. They usually stood at the entrances and checked the purses for any cameras and directed traffic for the women. If the men tried to go through entrances for women, they would stop them and tell them to through another entrance.
      • Subhana’Allah, they were very humble, too. You never heard a word from them. They would keep to themselves. They never spoke to men either.
      • If it was necessary, they would speak behind a border or a screen. Masha’Allah.

Note: All apperances and actions were taken from All About GQ.

Updates: Part 2 of the Relgious Police taken from All About GQ.

16 Replies to “Saudi Relgious Po Po – The Facts”

  1. Salaam

    There are 2 types of police, the one the guy talks about in the article are awesome the thobies and the total buraqa ladies, i used to love em to bits!
    They used to stand and give nasihah to people during tawaf, and encourage non-niqabis to observe niqab.
    They would pateintly stand and explain to maybe millions a day why kissing the Maqam Ebrahim was wrong, and if you ever needed any help, subhanAllah, they were amazing!
    The sabr these guys had is astonishing too.
    and they dnt get the lsightest bit wavered by a BIIIG group of shias!

    As for the khakhi guys, maaaaaan … they the real COPS!
    They cruel man!
    they the ones who beat the street sellers with the batons, a real sad sight to see ๐Ÿ™

    But SubhanAllah the Haram religious police, May Allah bless them for their efforts, and bestow on them rahmah!


  2. Dude why are you hating on the shias? What, so they have to go to the back of the mosque just like black people had to go to the back of the bus? Come on, I think the term “filthy animal” is uncalled for here.

  3. Ya, some religious police are nice, some are mean. I got shoved by one this past summer.. oh ya, did I mention I was in the middle of prayer?

    But some are nice too, it just depends I suppose…

  4. I did, but im not shia, so i wasn’t offended, but then again i read it after someone pointed it out…then i changed it.

  5. They’re hypocrites. And i should know. I used to live there. They let 15 or so girls burn to their deaths in jeddah. Believe you me, they are a very controversial topic in saudi arabia right now. So, if you want to learn more about them, keep your eyes peeled on They’re bound to cause some other ruckus and make headlines…AGAIN!

  6. Wtf does Po Po’s mean? Can at least use proper English, instead of your annoying “gangsta” talk. Their called Mutaween, “Religious Police” and their widespread throughout the Middle East, even in Malaysia and Indonesia, and they basically just enforce Sharia.

    And their history isn’t so colourful after all, so I have no idea why ur promoting them as some wonderful “monks” who go around preaching. Their just a bunch of stupid Wahhabi’s who patrol the streets persecuting Shias or women, and their was an incident back in March, 2002 when they prevented schoolgirls from escaping a burning school in Mecca, because the girls weren’t wearing hijabs and abayas. And 15 girls died and another 50 injured. Alot of Saudi’s as well don’t approve of them either, and they generally just annoy ordinary people with trivial things, as they have no power to arrest.

  7. You know, dont be an idiot. You werent there. You didnt see what really happened. You are just going by what the media is shoving down your throat.

    Oh and nobody cares about the Shias.

  8. ur an idiot, u ask me wat does po po mean, then u say, it’s annoying gangsta talk, thus you know exactly what it means. and its my blog, u dont have to read it if u dont want to, peace.

  9. funny how ppl can talk total crap, when it comes to normal issues. yet wen it comes to issues of deen all they can do is argue!

    We’re not here to judge, Alhumdulillah, Allah will do that on the day of Qiyamah.
    Give credit where its due, and if you can’t jus keep your mouth shut (or in this case, don’t type!)

    May Allah Guide us All.

  10. Asslamu ‘alaykum wa’rahmatullahi wa’barkatuhu

    Isn’t it ironic that when you ask a person anything regarding science, math, history or any other subject and if he/she doesn’t know they’ll just respond “NO” but when asked about DEEN (Islam) they’ll make anything up that sounds correct rather than saying “No, i don’t know it…i’ll go ask someone who does” something to think about eh?

    Fee ImanAllah Ameen

  11. The Religious Police aka “Hay2ah” suck. Or at least the ones in Riyadh do. Seriously. It seems like, their just walking around looking for trouble, over the most trivial things. (according to Their own personal opinions). The attitudes that those guys have, and they way they just start shouting at you when they are supposed to be giving you naseeha is soo horrible! Thats why so many people dislike them. Since they are supposed to be religious people, they should know how dawah is supposed to be given. I think if they had better manners, maybe people would pay them more mind, and respect them more. Alot of people dont repect them here, because they hardly respect any 1 else. Ofcourse there are some Hay2ah members that are nice and respectful when they talk to you, and have manners. Ive seen a few. But the majority are not.

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