21 Replies to “Volkswagon Commercial – Funny, but Bias”

  1. Whoa whoever wrote that has some sick sense of humour. That’s just disgusting… and for a car commercial?

  2. that is funny. “its distasteful and sick”, yeah it may be… but i enjoy the hidden message.

    Stupid Moslems blow themselves up and don’t like the bad rep.

  3. they ddnt air that as an advert but they did feature it on a programme -“the adverts that were never shown”

  4. I feel sad for the person who wanted to give this commercial even more exposure by posting it in his blog

  5. I had to watch it twice to get what was going on. I’m ashamed that I laughted.

    WTF is wrong with me?


  6. First of all. Suicide is Haram. Second of all. It is a car commercial. Third of all, it never got aired. And lastly, I feel sorry for you for reading my blog. Thank you. Peace!

  7. So what if it’s a damn car commercial Amir?!?!? So suddenly it’s okay to put in a pit of political commentary or religious remarks? A suicide bomber in a car commercial is just taking things too far, whatever happened to just a video of someone driving throught scenic roads, now you need political messages to sell cars? This is disgraceful.

  8. umm? do u watch the news? the news portrays muslims much worse then this. and this commercial didn’t even make the TV. relax.

  9. fyi, this commerical was not made by VW, and in fact VW took to court the people who did make it for copyright infringement. google it, you’ll find the details.

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