The Mafia Connections with Islam

Have you seen the movie series The Godfather? Ever notice the respect and authority the Godfather receives from his enemies, his patrons, his friends, his families and his loyal henchmen. They all pledge full allegiance to him. He is like the Amir-ul-Mumineen, the Khalifa. Every Muslims gives bai’yah (allegiance) to the Amir. They respect him and obey him.

Well I was recently watching the movie series, The Godfather, and I was observing how all the henchmen would kiss the hand of the Godfather. Then I remembered how the murids (disciples) would kiss the hand of their Shaykh.

Why did the mafia practice this? Was it from Islam? Where did they get such respect and authority in their leadership? Well I don’t really know. I’m assuming from Islam, of course.

The Mafia originates from the Italian Island, Sicily. In the history of Sicily, you will find out that the Muslims controlled it. Under the Muslim rule, the Italians were persecuted (yes the Muslims weren’t good Muslims), so they created a secret society against the Muslims. This society was called: the Mafia. Eventually in 1060, the Muslims lost control of Sicily and it went to the Normans. Months later it was then controlled by the Byzantines.

So in conclusion, the mafia was developed to defend the Italians against the Muslims, in Italy. Then in the 1900s it was used to make Italians rich from alcohol, drugs and gambling in America.

Maaffeeya in Arabic means “exempted”
Mahiya in Arabic means “flashy”
Mu-afah in Arabic means “security, protection”
Mahajas in Arabic means “excessive boasting”

Guess what, all those are some characteristics of the Mafia. Coincident?

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  1. assalamu alaykum wrwb..thats interestin..never looked in2 that. a lotta things are taken from us muslims. hmm good 2kno. wa alaykumussalam wrwb

  2. I’ve actuallyheard this hypothesis before actually- the Godfather being influenced by Islamic ideas, see if Professor google has any previously written speculations.

  3. Salam
    Hope your are well. This doesn’t have anything to do with your post. Can u please tell me the nasheed playing on the main menu at the top of ur Blog?
    jazak’Allah. your posts are always interesting! =)

  4. Hmmm, I dunno, I don’t think the Mafia was at all created to protect themselves from the Muslims. Most encyclopedias and so on say the Mafia only originated around the 19th Century when the Italian State formed, basically serving as protection for the large orange and lemon estates surrounding the city of Palermo, from Industrialists and rival Mafia Bosses. From this, the Mafia began to spread its roots among the landowners and politicians of Sicily. Forming strong links with the government, and so on and so on until it grew into a corrupt organization we know today.

    I think the whole Muslim theory is spreading it a bit too far, and when was Sicily ever under Muslim control during the 1000’s?

    I mean a few similiarities between a Shaykh, or Emir, and how those who gave allegiance to him kissed is hand doesn’t mean much. Kissing someone’s hand in Italian probably also a strong sign of loyalty, just like bowing is in other cultures and such.

  5. watching mafia movies and then thinking about their actions comparing them to murids and their shuyukh. also some wikipedia articles and some sites that shaykh google passed.

  6. the thought was within minutes while watchin the movie, the research wsa probably 2 hours with chatting in between of course.

  7. wow….thats pretty interesting…the words
    Maaffeeya, Mahiya, Mu-afah and
    Mahajas are very good points, mashallah u seem really smart, as mentioned it a previous post by som1 else: may allah help u with ur studies and help u find ya self a wife (lol) inshallah…

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