UK and Islam: A Muslim in the Family

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  1. Shaykh Osama Bin Laden knows best, may Allh Protect him. Osama will teach the infidels the errors of their ways.

  2. wat does the video have to with ssama? and the taliban? did you even watch the video. and i dont know anyone or any group, not even al qaeda calls osama, “shaykh” osama. i don’t think he is a shaykh. hes more of a leader.

  3. Subhanallah how beautiful it is when other take up the truth and see the light truly Allah guides whom he wills, step up the dawah and the dawah i mean is the dawah by example lets show the peace inshallah. Takbir!

  4. Masha Allah brilliant show! I can’t believe I missed it when they showed it on the telly.

    But yeah, shukran jazeela, wa barak Allahu feekum

  5. now, now
    Americans, dont make fun of your british counterparts,

    at least they have stuff like this showing,
    which American tv network,
    showed Texas and Muslim anyways?
    I didnt see it on T.V
    but the British show this stuff.
    We are invisible in USA.

    They make comedies about us
    that really consist of Hindus and Sikhs as main characters,
    that how dumb Americans

    I dont know how and why they won the Revolution against the British?

  6. omg its stopped working!! i dont know wat i did…i wat just watching it… where can I get it?? or make it work again

  7. wow…that was great masha’Allah……its kinda funny how in todays world non muslims r learning mor bout islam and converting while we, the muslims by birth, seem to be running from it…..its funni how ppl now a days r so afraid to tell others who they are, that they happen to be muslim and worship 1 god….its funni how wen som ov us fast an ppl ask y were not eating, som of us reply “im on a diet” lol…..its funni….yet sad…

  8. This made my night. Always reminds me not to condemn people and see the good and potential in them. May Allah preserve their imaan and increase in good. PEACE

  9. hey this video is reli good!! im so surprised i missed it wen it was on tv coz i live in the uk lol ! but newayz it reli reminded me of wen me n ma family converted 2 islam 5 yearz ago,my mum cried wen she watched the video 🙁 but i think she really liked it,wen i was 11,my parents became muslim n alhamdulillah Allah ta’ala chose us coz if he hadnt i duno wer i wud hav been 2day,probably a reckless 16 year old!! salaamz 2 all inabitzz ayesha xx

  10. Asalamualikum,

    I’m really impressed with this documentary produced by the BBC. It is very rare for them to have such a well produced and truthful program like this on TV. Alhamdullilah there are many people who came to see the light of Islam, what worries me are the Muslims who have not.


  11. Assalamualaikum! Woww, mashaallah…that was a very good documentary. It increases the Iman. I loved the british accent…hahaa..
    The Ummah is rising! Takbir!

  12. I think there are cultural, ethnici, family and a lot of other factors that affects our life. For a Westerner, they are starting something new. Its like a buy a brand new computer, where for others, its upgrading and changing computer(metaphor). Please don’t hit me with a lot of remarks. Its just a idea that I concluded. So far…

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