The Beard and the Hip Hop Culture

Ever see rappers such as the Ying Yang Twins, DMX, Swissbeatz, Beanie Sigel, Freeway or Beanie Man with nice sunnah style beards? I do. It’s common these days in the Hip Hop culture to “rock beards” (wear beards). It’s common, accepted and promoted by rappers and hip hop activists.Freeway - Rap Artist

The beard has always been a sign of manhood, power, respect and authority for ages. Only within the past 100 years that the beard, or any type of facial hair, has been seen as something backward, third-world, or just absurd (like that rhyme, :-] ). It is hard to find the beard being promoted in the west as something good to wear. You see businessmen, job seekers, managers, bosses, everyone in the corporate world, etc. completely clean shaven with nice (what I like to say) “girly” faces.

Ying Yang Twins - Rap GroupThe only western type of promotion of the beard I have seen is in the hip hop culture and Jews. Many Black people are Muslims. Actually the majority of the Muslims in America are Black. This is why the beard is a cool thing in the hip hop culture. Rappers like Freeway or Beanie Sigel wear there beard while they perform, take interviews, photo shoots, movie shoots, etc.

Why I’m I taking about this? Why do I care? Islam is universal. It influences everything it touches whether it’s a society, a group of people, a land, a city, a song, a book, etc. Islam has a big influence over the African American population whether they are Muslim or not. I see non-Muslim Black men wearing beards everyday. Even NBA superstars, like Ben Wallace or NFL superstar, Bettis aka “Bus” wear beards.

The beard is something beautiful and it should be appreciated whether its a simple “G Line” to a “hanafi fist full length” one. It’s facial hair and men should wear it.

Down with clean shaven girly faces!

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  1. I think it is possible. If you define attraction to be solely that of physical dimensions, then it might not make sense. But the attraction I think he is referring to is that of piety rather than physical beauty. The beauty would then lie in their desire to please Allah by taking an extra or more precautious step. The fact that they conceal their beauty for His sake is beautiful indeed.

  2. why do muslim women really wear the Burqa? what are they hiding? facial hair?


    the sikhs immitate the muslims because their founder was a muslim himself.

  3. ermm white guys have beards 2. maybe not long ones but they still do. and black guys tend not to have those long beards. they jus have the bits from their sideburns n across their chin n mayb above their lip. also a guy looks better wen he dsnt look lik he has a small animal attached 2 his face!!
    in response to women wearin the burqa.. these women r probly forced 2 wear it by their brothers, father, uncles or husband. also, how can u say a ‘niqabi’ is attractive if u’v never seen her face. livin out here in the uae, guys r attracted to these women cos their abaya is skin tight showin their cleavage n all tht. it makes them look so slutty. wen i go out wearin 4 inch heels n tight clothes i get less stared at than the local girls cos of the repuation of these girls who hav their abaya open.

  4. salaams, i found this link on facebook (your famous,whoever wrote this!lol) and i must say now that it has been mentioned you can see that bearded men are everywhere and it is a nice thing to look at-so long as it is kept tidy and not a nest for birds to live in!

    as for the niqaab lover-do you mean you like the fact that they wear a niqaab that makes you attracted to them? i hurd of guys liking hijaabis but niqaabis,that is new to me!

    sara you cant say they are forced, you dont know so dont assume,im a muslim and i cover up with abaya and hijab and no one has forced me. in uae the abayahs r not all tight, u are generalising WAAAAy to much.

    to conclude,im a muslim, a female and bearded people (irrespective of race etc…) is appealing…men through your gilletes in the bin!!! lol


  5. Beards are sexy, and I wish my husband could sport one but he can’t cuz his job won’t let him. DAMN THE MAN!!!

  6. Have you ever thought everyone that it is just a personal choice if you want to grow a beard. Its simple has nothing to do with race or tradition its just a personal thing i have grown shaved and regrown many beards. I dont have an identity crisis and neither am I religious(in fact sometimes it just keeps me warm in winter)

  7. there seems to be alot of ignorance hear about beards. Clean shaven faces (or girly faced, which implies sexism) don’t come from white “folks” or gays. In the Ancient and Classical world, beards were worn as sings of persons with government importance, later in times of war bearded peoples where told to shave because in close combat beards served as a handle to help kill their opponent. This was prodomentaly know in Greese, and in this time in ancient greek it was very uncommom for men to have their facial hair shaven. In Rome it was customary to let your beard grow in time of morning or sorrow. Among the Catti, a Germanic tribe (perhaps the Chatten), a young man was not allowed to shave or cut his hair until he had slain an enemy. In the civil war in Amarica beards were worn by many upper rank officers. Berads are also regarded in most religions to be very important. In conclusion beards are seen as very important in many cultures and races. In Jamaica the rasta faith is very connected to the groth of a beard, and even in Jamaica it is hard to get a job if you have a long beard. To grow a beard may be a personal choise are it can be connected to spiritual or cultuarl ideal. Thank you!!!!

  8. I wear a Hijab and nobody forced me at all ><

    I personally don’t find a beard “attractive” in any sense but I find a man’s character far more overpowering.

    Don’t get fooled by apperances, remember the story of the pious muslim man who cursed a clean shaved muslim then dreamt the Prophet (pbuh) was handing out presents and sending salaams to all the men even that clean shaven one except the pious man himself.

    A beard doesn’t mean that you are religious and if any of the schools of though say that shaving is not haraam then it is forbidden for any school of thought to say it is.

    Grow a beard out of the love for the Prophet (pbuh) as it is sunnah – things which are haraam have a reason shaving isnt harmful and is not haraam.

  9. I’m growing mine again. The Torah says to. I’m still not brave enough to let it get long and scraggly though. : (

  10. i’m an atheist, so i dont know much about the religious significance of the beard, but i absolutely agree that it is a universal symbol of manliness and virility.

    it’s a sad reflection of our materiialistic society that the average man opts for a baby-bottomed face, waxed chest and highlights, and it’s down to us proud beard-sporters to hold down the fort.

    long live the beard, in all its glorious forms!!!

    my next style will be a traditional Islamist look i think…

  11. i was pleasantly surprised that the writer of this pulled someone up for being racist… but i think this all absolutely irrelevant. sikhs grow their hair, thats a natural thing to do, does that make them look like women? i really think that if you take religion and other social constructs out of the argument it comes down to personal preference.
    im white, an antitheist, and i have an ever changing beerd. sometimes i dont have one, sometimes its a small one, and sometimes i grow it full. what does it matter? if i get bored with one i change it, thats the fun in being able to grow facial hair as men can.
    i think the connotations and pre-requisits of having a beard are being thought about far too much,
    have one if you want, dont have one if you dont want.

  12. I just read a comment and I had to respond. Men who have short beards do NOT have identity problems. How closed-minded can you be? A muslim man does not HAVE to have a huge long beard. Show some respect to the brothers who have the strength to grow their beards, no matter the size or length. There are many different opinions on this issue. Over-all, I really liked this article!:)

  13. first of all, mujahideen ryder, how can we take you seriosly with such poor grammar/spelling? next, how can you say that not having a beard leads to more cases of homosexuality? that is such an insecure and homophobic statement. are you attracted to men that do not ahve beards?
    the reason professional people dont wear beards these days is because its a sign of laziness and lack of hygiene. when you see someone with a beard, one wonders whether they shower, or brush their teeth.

  14. @Educated – Sorry for allt he grammar mistakes. This post is actually 2.5 years old. A LOT has changed since then.

    Anyways you claim that I made an “insecure and homophobic statement” and then you asked “are you attracted to men that do not have beards”. First of all, homosexuality is disgusting and is a disease of the heart. It is not natural. Homosexual people are the dirt of society and need to purify themselves of that disease.

    Secondly you have also made insecure and “beardophobic” statements by saying people think men who wear beards are unclean and lazy.

    Was Abraham Lincoln unclean or lazy? Was Jesus (peace be upon him) unclean or lazy? Are Jews and Muslims who wear beard religiously unclean and lazy?

  15. i am saying that the contemporary shaven man, who is the majority, does so because he views it as being hygienic.
    there is nothing wrong with wearing a beard for religious reasons. it is a sign of reverence.
    but the connection between shaven men and sexuality is just close-minded. a beard does not make a man more or less masculine.

  16. WoW…Damn…How VERY VERY sad do most of you sound!?…LOL…Debating going from Beards,To Gays…I’m sure you are the same dudes who would blow a fuse if your girl decided NOT to shave ANY of her body hair…Yet…It grows on women,yet we say “its not natural”… So is it REALLY “gay people” ‘ruining’ this world with hair/no hair INSANITY?…or is everyone just a lil bit different!?…LOL…

  17. You guys are a bunch of idiots. Bunch of black racists with a dose of religious whackiness thrown in. If this was a site operated by whites, and we said all this stuff in reverse, we’d be labeled as racists. But you jokers get away with it. That’s why, even thought I did not vote for Obama, I am glad he won. Slowly but surely, all your excuses are falling by the wayside. Now at least I will never hear another black person say “this country will never elect a black man president.” He is my president and I wish him the best.

    Now I wonder what lame excuses for not getting educated and playing a role in society some of the people will come up with. This whole beard idea and wanting to be separate from society is a self-fulfilling propechy. Letterman ought to do a “Top Ten Reasons that Blacks will continue to blame whites for their own failings.” I’ve had two white friends murdered by black men under 28 years of age. But I will check back on this blog later to find out why it was the man’s fault. Peace.

  18. Me: “Oh, you’re Muslim. Fist length beards.”

    Muslim guy to his friend: “He knows!”

    Anyway, I got my line uneven , sh*t don’t grow in right on one side either so barber can’t help .. the hair is also too straggly.

  19. Hey, just wanted to say you can’t state that men without beards are more likely to be homosexual, it’s just wrong and unproven. I am only 15 and have been shaving for over 1.5 years. I think it doesn’t matter weather or not a man has a beard. It’s Sunnah, so it’s excellent to have a beard if your muslim, even Sikhs wear them for religious representation. I, myself sometimes tend to grow facial hair. I do in fact like the way certain types of facial hair look on me. it depends, to each his own. Some guys prefer not to wear facial hair as they do believe it makes them look unprofessional. You also can’t state that a man necessarily state that a man with a beard or any facial hair for that matter is “unclean”, if he grooms it properly and keeps it trim he shouldn’t have any trouble at all. Remember, you should never judge a book by its cover, weather or not a guy has facial hair you shouldn’t assume anything, it’s his own choice weather or not to shave.
    Just my 2 cents

  20. ” Islam has a big influence over the African American population whether they are Muslim or not. I see non-Muslim Black men wearing beards everyday. Even NBA superstars, like Ben Wallace or NFL superstar, Bettis aka “Bus” wear beards.”

    Newsflash: muslims didn’t invent beards

  21. First of all,Islam is NOT the origional religon of Africa! They are opressors/colonialists and just as bad as the European Catholic church. They helped the Dutch,Spaniards,Portugese,etc enslave our ancestors. That’s why Kmt(Egypt) and north Africa is so messed up now. I had an Arabic man in Tunisia who was the same color as me call himself white! You’ve got Zawi Hawass and others trying to deny the true ethnicity of ancient Kmt(Egypt). The best things to come out of Islam are Malcom X and the bidet. Do your homework and get in touch with your ancestors!

  22. “The only western type of promotion of the beard I have seen is in the hip hop culture and Jews.”

    In the western world beards are practically a staple to the heavy metal image and I know of no jews that listen/perform that music, and certainly not the “gangstas”.

  23. Not very satisfied by Hip Hop and rap ‘artists’ wearing muslim beard!
    Islam is not appreciated much in the West : reputation of intolerance, terrorism, conservatism… Rap music for instance is seen as a violent movement and the fact that some rappers revert to Islam and get facial hair is not a help to this religion… Some people also think that Islam is a religion for the blacks and the colored which is nonesense! The first muslim peoples are from Middle East , North Africa and South East Europe and are Caucasian not Black !

  24. OK you say the majority of muslims in america are black but you fail to mention how the majority of blacks in america are not muslims, and also that there is not 1 single rapper who is muslim so its not even influential at all soo…….

  25. “there is not 1 single rapper who is muslim”…

    Do you actually BELIEVE what you’ve just said?!?!…LOL,Im wondering if this even warrants a sane reply… …I would start the list my self,but maybe Anon. needs to start out with google all on there own first…I won’t ruin the educational experience for yuh ;-)…

  26. I don’t think anyone needs to mention that a majority of blacks in America aren’t Muslims. Please, anyone, let us know if this is news to you. lol And there will always be Muslims who say that “not 1 single rapper is muslim enough to be muslim”. 😉

  27. present world a muslim guy fears to grow long beard b,coz he is treated as terroist and to wore a hijab to muslim women thinks ugly.growing of the long beard and cutting of the mushtache bring attraction on the face and it is a whole world is following sunnah but only muslim are away frm sunna.Fi-Sabillillah

  28. I love me a bearded man, Black, White, Brown or whatever- there is nothing more manly and wonderful then a man with a full blow beard.

    Now seeing a black man with a full beard -Sexy ain’t the word – it goes beyond all that because it’s almost a novelty like a black cowboy- you don’t see them that often, but when they cross your path – it’s like Oooh baby!

  29. I’m 32 and have rocked a goatee for the past 10 years or so. Recently I decided to try and grow a full beard. I can grow a really thick “g Line” (i dont know who came up with that…but in Detroit, we call em hockey sticks) and the full beard is growing in slowly, i just realized that different parts grow at different rates. I think all men should have at least a mustache…just have something on your face, and not those thin ass Prince mustaches. If your shit can only grow thin, or you dont grow facial hair, then thats fine. Really nothing you can do about that. If you can grow mustache and beard of any extent…grow it. Whenever I see a man with no facial hair, I look at him a little different. I’m not saying that I assume he’s gay, because I dont. But I have that initial thought of “why in the hell doesn’t he have any facial hair” lol. Its good to see that this thread has lasted so long, because I believe its a very good topic that needs to be discussed among black men. I dont think it says that someone is gay or straight, because i’m sure there are some flaming and I mean flaming homosexuals that have full beards… or better yet, some DL brothas with longer beards, to try and appear as manly as possible, lol. Islam is big in the African American culture because its one of those things that they can not take from us. Its like one of the last things that Minorities can have that completely separates us from them. I love the comment above about “A man without facial hair is like a Lion without a mane”. Sorry for talkin everyone’s head off, but hey….anwho, this topic makes me think of something else……whats up with these skin tight clothes all of the “men” are going with? I’m all for us as “Black Men” to stop wearing our pants hangin off of our asses and being so baggy, but now they wear the pants skin tight…and heres the kicker…they still wear their pants off of their asses….

  30. The more I research facila hair the more I realize it does have significance.I watch TV and I see 90 percent of the black male actors have no facial hair but I don’t have one friend that is totally clean shaven.I have a full beard now but I have never not had facial hair since it could grow it.Lack of facial hair represents non-threatning or so called clean cut.Most black men look very feminine without facial hair .I think they do that on TV puposely.Jobs will sometimes require that you are clean shaven even when it has nothing to do with the type of job you are doing.I can’t say why white people are clean shaven since I am not white but maybe they do it to look less sinister or as muslim put it.To look more civilized.I don’t know but its definitely meant to water down a black mans’ naturally strong features.

  31. Can you please halalify your ads..

    your beard posts tells googe adsense to post “laser hair removal” with bad pictures.. FYI u can change settings..

    Fee amanillah

  32. The response level to local and national disasters is noble but it’s a real shame that so many citizens take advantage of the negative situations.

    I mean everytime there is an earthquake, a flood, an oil spill – there’s always a group of heartless people who rip off tax payers.

    This is in response to reading that 4 of Oprah Winfreys “angels” got busted ripping off the system. Shame on them!

  33. This is lone of the pernicious effects of affirmative action. In our PC/affirmative skirmish enlightenment, we tend to see the achievements and promotions of minorities as a consequence of affirmative strength policies in lieu of of solitary diligence and talent. This undermines these very achievements.
    Another problem here is that it sets human standards at odds with the higher divine morality. If the higher morality is common to jurist the Extermination, mischievous cancer outbreaks, etc, as effects, while forgiving morality wishes judge them immoral, then the ‘good’ in each of these moralities are different. Elevated on the higher moss is not what we with the help by good.

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