Clash of the Uncivilized: Insights on the Cartoon Controversy

Clash of the Uncivilized: Insights on the Cartoon Controversy
By Imam Zaid Shakir

As the crisis that has emerged in the aftermath of the publication of the infamous cartoons that claim to depict the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God upon him, escalates, we would do well by stepping back and attempting to analyze the situation as dispassionately as possible. By doing so, as Muslims, we can hopefully formulate a more productive and meaningful response, and avoid being exploited by either side in the ongoing conflict. Saying this, I do not mean to imply that Muslims are not justifiably angry over the caricatures. However, I would agree with those who argue that responses that involve wild outbreaks of frenzied violence are inappropriate, and they only affirm what the cartoonist is trying to imply. Namely, that Islam is a religion that encourages obscurantist violence and terrorism.

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  1. Never was a big fan of those cookies. My mom would buy them all the time…we have those tin containers all over the house. I think she keeps her sewing instruments in them.

  2. OMG!! your mom does that too!! why in the world is it that they put their sewing things in them? subhanallah

  3. lol…i lov thos coockies…at my house we use it as a “school suply container” ..we put like pencils,erasers…stuff like that in it….anyways…
    yea,thats pretty funny but lets focus on the bigger picture here…ppl hav given a bad name to our beloved prophet and this beautiful deen, and i for one,,,as mad as i am….and im sure u all are as well…should not do anything but to inform the ppl that about wat this religion is really about and “preach on” to the world instead of war and the spreading of more madness….and i so agree with sheikh Zaid Shakir “”wild outbreaks of frenzied violence are inappropriate”” “””and they only affirm what the cartoonist is trying to imply””””(so tru)….god i love that man…lol (for the sake of allah that is) 🙂

  4. LOLLLL……..does ur mum do that 2????…same here….we keep like all the tumerica powders and masalas in….hmm danish cookies…yummmy…whnever i look at the tin i remember the time i used to eat them when i was small…..

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