Batman vs. Al-Qaeda


Batman takes on al-Qaida (Source: Al Jazeera)

I’m rooting for Batman!! haha I wonder if they’ll make a movie about this comic.

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  1. i think this i kinda stupid…more like stupid/funni..for the muslims maybe…. but if this really does come out..non muslims will obviously read it and get wrong ideas about muslims and islam….well…they already we dont need more steriotyping and hatred towards us……but over all “hahah..” lol————-y ppl gotta hate on bin laden…he really is a good hearted man …and for all’a yall out ther “he didnt do it” dannng

  2. I think it’s lame and in 10 years all the kids are gonna grow up thinking that Muslims are terrists (I spelled terrists that way on purpose).

  3. Assalamualaikum,
    This is really stupid…but what can you expect more from Americans?…I do not mean all Americans…but those who are just so damn patriotic suck and live in their own world.

  4. they are really stupid…Bat is belong to caves and darkness…..But Islam and any muslim also Binladen what ever he did he belongs to ISLAM to Ligttness to the Light of the God of Gods ALLAh the Whole Power….So who will win at last????

    Muslim from lebanon

  5. If BATMAN agsint Binladen so SuperMan against Zarqawee? and FlASH against SADDAM?

    Buttttt ISLAM will Be against USA and Bush the devil…..

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