The problem isn’t with Islam, but with wackos

I found this article linked from the Zaytuna webpage. Here are some excerpts:

David Waters writes:

I wish every Christian in America could have heard what I heard the other night.

Two of the nation’s most learned and respected religious scholars came to Memphis to talk about Islam and civic responsibility, two topics that don’t always seem to go together.

He quoted Shaykh Hamza Yusuf saying:

“Islam has been hijacked by a discourse of anger and the rhetoric of rage. We have lost our bearings because we have lost our theology.”

He also quoted Imam Zaid Shakir saying:

“If we Muslims are going to contribute to changing how Islam and our Prophet are viewed in the West, we are going to have to change what we ourselves are doing to contribute to the caricaturing of Islam. That change can only be affected by sound knowledge coupled with exalted practice, and reviving the lofty ethical ideal of our beloved Prophet.”

He finished off his column with a really great though:

Yes, there are some crazy, wacky Muslims out there. The world has known more than a few crazy, wacky Christians, too. So-called Christians who sicced dogs on black children or lynched black men, who burned crosses or fellow Christians at the stake, who massacred Jews or annihilated native civilizations.

Full Article Here: The problem isn’t with Islam, but with wackos

May Allah (swt) guide all the Muslims to the true Islam. Ameen!

The Shaytan Side of the Muslim NYC: Dubai

DubaiI have heard many good things about Dubai. We call it the Muslim New York City. They have large and luxoriuos buildings with adjacet malls with all of the Western and Europeon stores you can think of.”Fifty per cent of the world’s supply of cranes are now at work in Dubai on projects worth $100bn – twice the World Bank’s estimated cost of reconstructing Iraq and double the total foreign investment in China, the word’s third-largest economy.” (Taken from: Welcome to the other side of Dubai)

Now here are some of the things you don’t hear about:

The average pay for an unskilled labourer is around $4 a day, and that is enough of a lure for the impoverished of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to flock to the UAE. The jobs are arranged through contractors and those who get them have to take out loans, often at exorbitant rates of interest, to pay for their passage. On arrival in Dubai, their passports are confiscated to prevent absconding while they are on contract.

Wait there is more:

It is not just construction workers who claim to be used and discarded in Dubai. Nannies and maids brought over from south-east Asia, mainly the Philippines, also complain of mistreatment. In extreme cases they are badly beaten. Many end up without jobs after disagreements with their employers. Some drift into prostitution.

Really sad. I guess these are the consequences of the rulers, government officials and construction companies face in Dubai when trying to be a first world nation with a western identity.

Full Article: Welcome to the other side of Dubai

No more AlMaghrib for me

Yes. It is true. I just sent an email out to the AlMaghrib NY mailing list. They are many reasons why I will not take any AlMaghrib classes or assist in bringing AlMaghrib to New York. The number one reason is that my parents are against AlMaghrib and any type of Salafi or Anti-[True]Sufism ideology. The number two reason is that I really need to focus on my school and on the only few Islamic work I do in my life. Not participating in AlMaghrib classes and promotion will help me focus more on my MSA and my local youth group at the masjid. The third reason is that my extended family, my uncles, have all warned me of straying from traditional scholars. No matter how hard I try to be open with all Muslims, my family has always been to tell me who I am and who I must be. Lastly, the final reason for me not being part of AlMaghrib Institute was this post on one of my favorite brothers, in the whole wide world, blog: Real of Truth.

To my AlMaghrib brothers and sisters, I really love all of you guys. This doesn’t mean our friendship has ended! It just means you won’t see me at any AlMaghrib classes (maybe except for the history one, because that isn’t disputed). To my AlMaghrib NY homies: I’m sorry man, things is ruff in tha suburbs, hahaha. I’ll see you guys around, inshaAllah.

Lastly, I am not bashing AlMaghrib nor am I hating on it’s students or teachers. I am simply not promoting it no longer and taking any classes.

May Allah (swt) forgive me and us all for our sins. Ameen!

Edit: Anything you want to discuss with Jinnzaman, please visit his blog! Thank you!

Updates: Check out Yursil’s Blog in support of Jinnzaman’s boycott.

Shaykh Faraz on the recent post by Yursil on his blog.

Sidi Salman also adds his input on his blog.

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Another Note: “The boycott is conditional.” – Jinnzaman
Updates: Boycott called off, Alhamdulillah!

Sri Lankan MR Fans?

I just added this MR Worldwide Fans section to the right at the bottom. As soon as I added it, I get over 20 hits from Sri Lanka! It was within an 1 hour period.

I never even met a Sri Lankan in my life!

UPDATES: The site where I got the counter from had a problem determining the addresses of US vistors and instead of making them US vistors it came up as Sri Lankan Visitors.

In conclusion, no one from Sri Lanka came to my site.

MSA EZ ’06: MR Review

MR’s Review:
I’ll be honest. I chilled a lot more then I went to lectures. (That’s because of my intention for the weekend). Alhamdulillah, the Maryland campus was beautiful and very big. The hotel was nice. I met a lot of great Muslim brothers, MashaAllah. The titles of the lectures were really good, and from what I hear the speakers were good too, even though many were not big name speakers. Here is a comparison between last years and this years:

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Fitna Police T Shirts

We had them custom made with our own numbers and nicknames on the back. InshaAllah sometime in the future I will be selling them.

I recently read some comments about the Fitna Police t shirts how we weren’t doing our job and we were causing fitna by wearing them. SubhanAllah! May Allah have mercy on us all! Ameen! The T shirts were done for fun. We were not real fitna police. It was just a funny shirt that a bunch of brothers decided to wear at the East Zone conference. I dont understand how it can cause fitna. Don’t look at it. When brothers are wearing jerseys with basketball players or football players with there names and numbers on there, there is no fitna, but because we have our nicknames and numbers it’s fitna. Grow up!

Seriously. If you actually thought our jobs at the EZ conference was to patrol the area and look for fitna, then you are lacking some brain cells. I’m sorry. May Allah forgive me for saying that, but seriously.

To see pictures of EZ 2006 click here.

Joke: Blair, Sharon & Bush in Hell

Tony Blair, Ariel Sharon & George Bush all died & went straight to hell.

Tony Blair: “I miss England, I want to call England and see how everybody is doing there.”
He called and talked for about 5 minutes
Tony Blair: “Well, Devil how much do I owe you?”
The Devil: “10 million dollars.”
He wrote him a check and went back to get his punishment.
Ariel Sharon was so jealous, he starts screaming like a girl.
Ariel Sharon: “My turn! I want to call Israel, I want to see how everybody is doing there too!”
He called and talked for about 2 minutes.
Ariel Sharon: “Well, Devil how much do I owe you?”
The Devil: “5 million dollars.”
With a smug look on his face, he made a check and went back to getting his punishment.
George Bush was even more jealous & starts screaming like an old lady.
George Bush: “I want to call the US too! I want to see how everybody is doing there too. I want to talk to Powell and Rice, I want to talk to everybody.”
He called the US and he talked for about twenty hours. He talked & talked & talked…
George Bush: “Well, devil how much I owe you?”
The Devil: “One dollar.”
George Bush is stunned.
George Bush: “One dollar? Only one dollar? What! You think I’m Jewish!? No offense Sharon!”
The Devil: “Well if you make a call from one hell to another, you only pay local charges.”
George Bush: “Oh nice! In that case I need to make some more calls. Thanks!”