Congratulations to My Sister!

My sister entered a Young Muslim Sisters essay contest, which was done through out the New York State and won first place.

Congratulations sis!

Oh yeah, I’m officially legal today! 😉

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  1. Congratulations to your Sister, maybe you should have entered the competition too. Your sister is a wonderful person…and I am proud to be her MOM.
    love always…mommy

  2. amir, tell haseena i said congrats! and happy bday cuz (sorry no call – i heard my mom called on my behalf LOL) .. say salaam to the fam for me!

  3. Assalaamu ALaykum,
    Congratulations Haseena, I am very proud of you!!, you make MGYG proud, al7amdulillaah, great great job! May Allaah bless you and keep you working on the right path, ameen.

  4. i agree! the fitna police shirts attracted more fitna.. not only when they were walking around but also during prayer. if a sister looked up after sujood and didn’t immediately look down she would see these t-shirts as a distraction. it was contradictory.

  5. 1) dont blame a t shirt in ur lack of concentration in salah
    2) lower your gaze from the brothers
    3) may Allah grant you all good. ameen!

  6. anon- get a life..and congrats to ur sis mr, mashallah thats very good, and ur mums comments were sweet too!!

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