Fitna Police T Shirts

We had them custom made with our own numbers and nicknames on the back. InshaAllah sometime in the future I will be selling them.

I recently read some comments about the Fitna Police t shirts how we weren’t doing our job and we were causing fitna by wearing them. SubhanAllah! May Allah have mercy on us all! Ameen! The T shirts were done for fun. We were not real fitna police. It was just a funny shirt that a bunch of brothers decided to wear at the East Zone conference. I dont understand how it can cause fitna. Don’t look at it. When brothers are wearing jerseys with basketball players or football players with there names and numbers on there, there is no fitna, but because we have our nicknames and numbers it’s fitna. Grow up!

Seriously. If you actually thought our jobs at the EZ conference was to patrol the area and look for fitna, then you are lacking some brain cells. I’m sorry. May Allah forgive me for saying that, but seriously.

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  1. As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh,

    I dont know if this post is in reply to my post on islamica or not but I’ll respond anyways since I didnt make myself clear before.

    When I said ‘ you guys were a causing more fitna than preventing’, I did not mean it in the sense of gender relations if thats how it came out. I dont even think you were there when the fitna police were acting up.

    Allow me to explain myself. My hotel room was one of the ones that faced the front of the hotel so we could hear all the loud noises made at 3 am. It just happened that on the 2nd night, some of the fitna police were hanging about after qiyaam and speaking very loudly at the front of the hotel. I went over to them to ask them to speaker lower since there were people sleeping, including the other guests of the hotel. I didnt just ask the fitna police this, but every other clique that was standing outside at the moment. The Fitna police just happened to be the ones that got smart with me instead of just speaking a little lower for Allaah’s sake. They also started to laugh in a loud manner and then look at me to see if I was getting annoyed but khayr, Insha-Allaah.

    I must also point out that the group of boys didnt only include the fitna police but several other brothers… (its just that the shirts helped to label you guys).
    If I have offended any of you, I ask for your forgiveness, Insha-Allaah. That was not my intention. I just wanted a quiter night.

    (And Allaah Knows Best).

    Was-Salaamu ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh.

  2. nnoooo the post wasnt directed towards you. and yeah i’ll yell at them. some of them were being children. it was the comments on my blog on the previous post. no hard feeligsn a_muminah. we chill

  3. Personally I think the Fitnah police t-shirts were hilarious and witty. Inshallah, Br. MR you should definitely sell them, I’d buy em’ i’d buy 3 for that matter

  4. Assalaamualaikum,

    How about you support me and I will support you. I have shirts coming out too (Yes, you guessed it, about Shias and also a Haramica shirt) in the near future, Insha’Allah.

    You help me sell mine. I will help you sell yours.

    What do you say?

    – Omar


  5. Dear Fitnah Police,

    Please hit me softer next time. I have arthritis.


    Jinn Baba

    PS: I know I was one of the people who said “Are you here to stop fitnah or start it?” but I was just joking. Please don’t throw me in prison.

  6. jinnzaman ur my 1st wife, how can i ever be mean to you, hahahahah, nah it wasnt to you, it was basically to the sujud person who said our shirts were distracting in prayer which is completly crazy.

  7. Assalamu alaikum!!!
    First of all, I wanted to holla at my boy Mujahideen Ryder for doing such a great job at making our t-shirts. You’re the man!!

    For the Sister that complained about our noise, I’m sorry that you feel we were being smart with you. We never intended that and we also tried quieting down after your request. Sorry for any invconvenience.


  8. Hey, I want 15% of profits for coming up with it.

    Just kidding. Actually, I was thinking MSA fundraiser, but that is for a different discussion.

  9. mr –apparently you cant take criticism well.. you should be able to understand why you were causing fitna. and yes, i mean the gensder relations kind. it’s not a matter of not looking at them— you were attracting more attention to yourself than needed. at an islamic conference of all places. yes, i thought the shirts were funny when i saw them. did i really think that you were the fitna police? no but i didnt think you needed to support the shirts like that.. and the analogy to sports players.. doesn’t flow. its not the same because there’s fitna at those events anyways, from the shirts to the sports.. and i guess other shirts would cause fitna as well but your shirts were bold and noticeable. really noticeable…it was an unneeded distraction. Allahu alim. please forgive me for what i said wrong but please understand.

  10. if you actually sold those as an msa fundraiser, i think youd raise a lot of money. maybe. okay bye. salams. 🙂

  11. how many brothers were wearing turbans at the conference. one brother was wearing a turban. that would stand out, easy to spot. oh wait thats fitna too.

    im sorry who ever this is, ur criticism is wack and has invalid and daef points. ur like the only person or one of the few who is complaining like a lil child about how the shirts caused fitna. may Allah (swt) forgive me for anything i have said wrong and may Allah (swt) bless you. ameen!

  12. anonymous…if you think those fitna police shirt cause fitna…then why don’t you really take a look at those girls who wore hijab..yet wore like the tightest jeans and shirts and causing more fitna to the poor brothers walking by. its a muslim conference – those girls shoulda dress with clothing that are islamic and leave the tight clothes at home to wear privately in their homes..

  13. Come on Brothers and sisters, if we disagree with eachother, we can state it in a polite manner. You may be trying to help someone, however you should help them in the best way possible. Im sure criticising isn’t aceeptable. Brother Mujahid, the person who is telling you that you caused fitna is looking out for you (InshaAllah), so give em benefit of the doubt. However if you hold a valid opinion about whether you were causing fitna or not then thank them for their concern and move on. Allah knows best.

  14. they can personally contact me, instead of shouting me out by making a comment on a post that was tootal irrelevant to the t shirts (in the previous post where i was congratulating my sister), ur right though, im lil to harsh, forgive me.

  15. Agreed. They could have personally contacted you. It is probably one of the most suitable method to approach an individual. We always need to remind ourselves that we are accounted on all our actions. So when someone does say something that is inappropriate, we should try to respond in the most appropraite way, following the method of our Prophet (saws). May Allah (swt) forgive us all, Ameen.

  16. I really dont think a turban and a t-shirt are on the same level. When a man wears a turban there is a certain level of respect automatically recognized, as with the hijab. Also I really dont think there’s any point to arguing over this…some people liked the shirt and others didn’t…it doesn’t matter.

    May Allah forgive us, and show us and keep us all on as-sarat-al-mustaqim. Ameen.

  17. we cant make customized shirts sorry. im stil unsure if ima make the FP shirts, or give it to the MSA as a fundraiser for them.

  18. i agree… hijabis that dress like not hijabis is not cool. 🙁 i apologize on behalf of the sister’s fitna.

  19. i agree. this isn’t a who’s more fitnatastic than you contest.. it’s a… uhh… idk what it is but im sure we can learn something from this

  20. u dont need to apologize. we should judge hijabis. the biggest fitna is our nafs and our desires. so no one should point to other things, oh that is fitna, oh she is fitna, oh he is fitna, the biggest fitna is ourselves and realizing that Allah sees us all the time

  21. Sorry, but nothing will take over the Religious Police. Be on the lookout at ISNA for it…and guess who will be in charge. 😉

  22. Salaam
    Just wanted to say your blog is very entertaining. Mash Allah its sooo amazing to finally see a sincere practicing brother. May Allah keep your eman strong.

  23. i just ran into this site, and don’t know any of the ‘fitna police’, but i was at the conference and did notice them. the shirts are funny, i suppose–but undoubtedly a distraction. However, i have a question for “mujahideen” ryder. What jihad are you undertaking in Long Island? yes, we all undergo a jihad of our nafs, however, can we really call ourselves mujahideen compared to the Prophet (SAW), and his Sahabah? A true mujahid doesn’t need to self-label himself one; in fact, he/she shouldn’t even care what other people think since Allah knows best. Secondly, Mujahideen is plural; are you a whole army by yourself? Thirdly, especially in the political climate and in a country that has monotoniously started to demonise islam, why would you wear a shirt that says ‘jihad’ on it? Islam is such a beautiful, simplistic, and spiritual religion– even if someone (ie nonmuslim) knows nothing about islam, they have certainly heard of ‘jihad’/ ‘mujahid’ by reading a newspaper or watching the news, and mind you, not in the most positive of aspects. Admitedly, jihad is an aspect of islam, yet you cannot understand jihad, in its true sense, if you don’t submit to tawheed (the oneness of Allah). One doesn’t achieve taqwa by reading a t-shirt.
    Basically, why associate jihad, specifically, and Islam, generally, to this ghetto fabulous ideology and image, which, in my humble opinion, does nothing to propagate Islam’s message, nor helps the ummah. Sure, it may be ‘bad-ass’ to call yourself a mujahid and wear a sidways baseball cap, but in effect, MCs are not the reason people become Muslims. In fact, meditative Sufis are largely responsible for that. I don’t want to be too bold to say that it hurts the ummah, but suppose there is a student on campus on the crosswords of finding a way of life. I doubt he/she will look at you with a ‘jihad’ t-shirt and think ‘You know, i think Islam is going to lead me to the inner peace i so desparately need.’ Yes, Rasullallah (saw) distinguished himself (exteriorly) from others, but this way is somewhat irresponsible.

  24. Assalamu Alaykum Brother,

    I heart your website!!! I love the fitna police t-shirts, too. What are you guys? Muslim thugs? haha….Keep up the website, keep up the strong iman, keep up helping the ummah in America, and keep up your awesome sense of humor. Also, take care of yourself; as much fans you have, you probably have enemies! Everyone in Cali loves you!
    Assalamu Alaykum!


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