MSA EZ ’06: MR Review

MR’s Review:
I’ll be honest. I chilled a lot more then I went to lectures. (That’s because of my intention for the weekend). Alhamdulillah, the Maryland campus was beautiful and very big. The hotel was nice. I met a lot of great Muslim brothers, MashaAllah. The titles of the lectures were really good, and from what I hear the speakers were good too, even though many were not big name speakers. Here is a comparison between last years and this years:

MSA EZ 2005 Vs MSA EZ 2006

  • Location:
    • EZ ’05 – NYC: Winner
    • EZ ’06 – College Park, MD: Loser
  • Cost:
    • EZ ’05: Loser
    • EZ ’06: Winner
  • Accomodations:
    • EZ ’05: Loser
    • EZ ’06: Winner
  • Speakers:
    • EZ ’05: Winner
    • EZ ’06: Loser
  • Attendence:
    • EZ ’05: Winner (~1200)
    • EZ ’06: Loser (~800)
  • Quality of Lectures:
    • EZ ’05: Winner
    • EZ ’06: Loser (but it was close)
  • Food:
    • EZ ’05: Winner
    • EZ ’06: Loser (NO MEAT!)
  • Fitna:
    • EZ ’05: Tie
    • EZ ’06: Tie (Fitna Police held it down, haha jk)
  • Bazaar:
    • EZ ’05: Winner
    • EZ ’06: Loser
  • Entertainment:
    • EZ ’05: Winner
    • EZ ’06: Loser

Overall Winner is: EZ ’05 – NYC

Note: This is my personal opionion. Not necessarily the majority view.



Will be updated with more notes, inshaAllah. That’s if people put up their notes, and let me know.

17 Replies to “MSA EZ ’06: MR Review”

  1. “I didn’t really attend lectures”

    “I spent time chillen with my wifey”

    bah! no really? nouman ali khan goes to your mazjid. like you’re really gonna go all the way down to maryland to listen to him? heheheh

    best wishes! you deserve it. now get me a fitnah police t shirt šŸ˜€

  2. ok here is one correction ok… first there were like approx. 1200 ppl ok and i loved your shirts and so did my friend

  3. dang its been a while since i read ur site. heres what i gotta say.

    -you must come to houston for TDC and do this little analysis junk for it. were so good, we dont need a fitanh police :p
    -secondly, how can i get one of those shirts? no, seriously. i want one. i hate PDA at school. lol. okay i want one!!! šŸ˜ help a sistah out, y0.


  4. Asalaamu Alaikum….yooo sorry this is random of me…but if you get any notes about Saturday nights Qiyaam…let me know! Jazakullah Khair!

  5. i have notes on saturdays qiyam – im super ocd note taker. ill post them up soon inshallah. sorry im being kinda slow with this.

  6. you chilled at the msa conference…that’s it – i am telling your mom…you will never get to go back to another conference again.

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