Sri Lankan MR Fans?

I just added this MR Worldwide Fans section to the right at the bottom. As soon as I added it, I get over 20 hits from Sri Lanka! It was within an 1 hour period.

I never even met a Sri Lankan in my life!

UPDATES: The site where I got the counter from had a problem determining the addresses of US vistors and instead of making them US vistors it came up as Sri Lankan Visitors.

In conclusion, no one from Sri Lanka came to my site.

34 Replies to “Sri Lankan MR Fans?”

  1. Hey i checked the site out. And some people were saying they were having the same problem with the Sri lankan bit. It could be an error… check it out. I got 5 on my page too. lol

  2. yeah i just checked it out. oh man i actually thought i had lots of fans in Sri Lanka hahahahaha

  3. what an inappropriate, sexist, and racist comment to make


    i hope u repent otherwise u will surely feel the wrath from Allah for your disgusting remarks.

  4. LOL thats so funny, almost as funny as what happens to ppl who are sexist and racist in the afterlife if they dont repent.

    May Allah have mercy on ur desparate unfortunate soul.

    Sexist, racist- derogatory and judgemental remarks on people due to their gender and race (i.e. the way u spoke of sri lankan women)

    May Allah save u from the hellfire that awaits u unless u repent. Aameen.

    Fear God Mr. GQ. Fear GOd!

  5. I stand by my comments and dont see anything wrong with it.

    It was actually a compliment towards the Sri Lankan women.

    Some people need to quit being such uptight retards.

  6. I saw this on the side of hahmed’s blog and thought it was awesome. It’s so amazing the wide range of countries that visit both of your blogs, Masha’Allah (although his a bit wider). Notice how all of the ads on the side suddenly changed to being about Sri Lanka?–Random observation.

  7. I hope you dont stand by them on the day of judgement, when Allah (swt) will judge you.
    you wrote: “I heard Sri Lankan women know how to get it on… Boom Shakalaka”
    You were racist against Sri Lankan people & sexist against women. Moreover, it was based on something you “heard”, therefor it is gossip and we all know the hadith against gossiping. Moreover, it is backbiting against sri lankan women, and if not true, its slander. And if u dont know the punishment against backbiting, go read the Quran (49:12).
    Fear God Mr. GQ. Fear Allah (SWT)’s wrath that you will inevitably face unless u change ur ways and repent.

  8. Sri Lanka eh’ Inshallah I don’t know about Sri Lanka but you will be having Fans from that part of the world when i go to school in kula lampur, cool site akhi. Very intresting to read.

  9. Mr. G Q, I wonder if someone said that about your mother or sister, how would you feel? now respect all women like your mother & sisters. have some hayaa.

  10. I love how people have the holier than thou attitude. LOL

    Anyways, Im going to marry an Arab because they really know how to rock the world. 😉

  11. Nothing wrong with saying certain women knowing how to get it on.

    There are even Islamic books written about getting it on.

    So please, get over it.

    Its a compliment more than anything else.

  12. thats so would be interesting to see how many people visit and from where..ur so weird.
    ps you should ignore GQ (everyone else does)

  13. GQ man be easy with the comments, my mom and sis read it, i have to edit the first one about “los mujeres del sri lanka”

  14. although MR.GQ is …may i say ..a little horny…..(sorry for the language MR) ….all a yall need to RE//LAX ….he made one little comment and everyone’s jumping on him like he was the last piece of chicken at the dinner table…..buuuut…ur comments are a litle offensive…im woman…and i dont like wat u said ….not because its not tru…but the way u said/wrote it …its not islamic…if u kno wat i mean “”keep it gangsta”” …boy u wouldnt kno gangsta if it ran over ya…..with a truck (jp)

  15. oh i put that it, hahaha, i edited his comment, it was much more how shall i say, juicy haha

  16. i dont think any us woman would like our world to be “”rocked”” …HAHAHA rocked? i swear u kill me man (lol)….or is this MR editing ur work again ? “rocked”? LOL

  17. No, that was my word.

    Seriously women act like Im wrong and that stuff isnt true.

    Everyone knows women are on fire inside waiting for the man to put it out.

    Im going to be a “firefighter.” LOL

  18. maybe we do…but not by the likes of u hun…anyone who talks like that…is not gonna have anyone to “rock”… if u kno wat i mean…//

    u need ya self a wifey…coz it looks like u the one needin a fire fighter…with all these blazin fire of “urs” —u sick minded one ->”Everyone knows women are on fire inside waiting for the man to put it out. Im going to be a fire fighter”” ??? u just a lil freaky boi rnt ya? u must be going through those tough teenage years huh? lol

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