No more AlMaghrib for me

Yes. It is true. I just sent an email out to the AlMaghrib NY mailing list. They are many reasons why I will not take any AlMaghrib classes or assist in bringing AlMaghrib to New York. The number one reason is that my parents are against AlMaghrib and any type of Salafi or Anti-[True]Sufism ideology. The number two reason is that I really need to focus on my school and on the only few Islamic work I do in my life. Not participating in AlMaghrib classes and promotion will help me focus more on my MSA and my local youth group at the masjid. The third reason is that my extended family, my uncles, have all warned me of straying from traditional scholars. No matter how hard I try to be open with all Muslims, my family has always been to tell me who I am and who I must be. Lastly, the final reason for me not being part of AlMaghrib Institute was this post on one of my favorite brothers, in the whole wide world, blog: Real of Truth.

To my AlMaghrib brothers and sisters, I really love all of you guys. This doesn’t mean our friendship has ended! It just means you won’t see me at any AlMaghrib classes (maybe except for the history one, because that isn’t disputed). To my AlMaghrib NY homies: I’m sorry man, things is ruff in tha suburbs, hahaha. I’ll see you guys around, inshaAllah.

Lastly, I am not bashing AlMaghrib nor am I hating on it’s students or teachers. I am simply not promoting it no longer and taking any classes.

May Allah (swt) forgive me and us all for our sins. Ameen!

Edit: Anything you want to discuss with Jinnzaman, please visit his blog! Thank you!

Updates: Check out Yursil’s Blog in support of Jinnzaman’s boycott.

Shaykh Faraz on the recent post by Yursil on his blog.

Sidi Salman also adds his input on his blog.

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Another Note: “The boycott is conditional.” – Jinnzaman
Updates: Boycott called off, Alhamdulillah!

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  1. ur right about that, every1 just seemed to miss that reason, hmm..mayb it was cuz the emphasis automatically went to ur frend’s blog.

    Anyway, all in all, would it THEN be safe to say that ur only saying auvoir to AL-maghrib for a short time, while u can focuz on school, and just sit back and watch for a bit..would that be safe to say?

  2. Hmmm, when you take knowledge, you should try to take reasonable knowledge for whatever area you’re studying. Aqeedah is a very sensative issue, so if you and your background doesn’t agree with a Shaykh who is anti-most of Ahl Sunnah, then why would you want to take Aqeedah from him? As for Brother MR, I’m sure he has his personal reasons as well as his family, but that’s for him to answer and I can’t speculate about that. He should decide within himself what he thinks to be the more correct version of Islam to him, because doing it just because of your family for a short period and then returning to it is somewhat hypocritical. May Allah guide us all on the straight path. Ameen!

  3. Just want to make a point to a brother who said P saws never made bad dua against the Kuffar!! No But Allaah did in Quraan read the Last ayaah of Suraah Baqarah i rest my case! Lets not argue lets agree to disagree!! sometimes its better! make duaa that is the only thing that can change ppls hearts.

    Look at what Imaam Shaifi (ra) if i ever got in a argument with anyone i would make dua that the truth submits to his tonque.

    as wrwb

  4. I said I was stil going to take the history class. People missed that point also. All the AlMaghribers know me and know my situation, so I don’t have to worry about what people say about me.

  5. aww.. i was wondering about you and almaghrib and the connection.. good luck concentrating..

  6. and i’m quite surpirsed at the response.. though i do think a lot of it was because of the link on ur site.. inshAllah continue to study the deen because it is our duty as Muslims to do so.

  7. I don’t get the need to make a public announcement, and you know how much traffic you get. Coupled with the Jinzaman link you should know that putting this out there would stir up some controversy. Also this will push borderline people not to take al maghrib classes.. I don’t think thats very responsible of you (or very islamic).

  8. That is the entire point. The purpose of this campaign is to send a clear message to Al Maghrib regarding their flawed attempt to propagate an understanding of Islam that is stark contradiction with the aqeedah and adab of ahl us sunnah waal jamaah. Proclaiming the major ‘Ulema to be propagating mushrikeen is a greater harm upon our Ummah than telling people to stay away from such an ideology of hate. The people who are defending Abu Ammar are blind adherents to a particular understanding of Islam that has never been a dominant or acceptable approach within the Islamic sciences. The fact that the overwhelming majority of the people are defending Abu Ammar’s comments and justifying them is precisely the reason why such a boycott is necessary. It is an illustration that this twisted interpretation of our deen is becoming acceptable. When people have the audacity to accuse our scholars of promoting shirk, this shows that they are not sources of knowledge, but rather, sources of ignorance who must be confronted with the proper adab and the best means. We must call for a dialogue and the first step is to get Al Maghrib to explain its policies. Both Al Maghrib Students and non-students should express their concern about this issue.

  9. All of you people need to realize my brotheres and Sisters, That you are destroying the Ummah. All these Sects of Islaam are not healthy for us. Please you stop this nonsense. Al Maghrib is a very good program, which encourage you to follow your deen. I am not saying I support, but also I am not saying I am not. Just because you are against Salafi doesn’t mean you have to demote it. thats what people are doing to Islaam, and you are doing that to your self. Stugs man thats all I have to say. You guys should be the people to say, this happened to us and should not happen again. You guys are forgetting the teachings of the Prophet (S). May Allah Guide us and the Ummah to Sucess

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