The Shaytan Side of the Muslim NYC: Dubai

DubaiI have heard many good things about Dubai. We call it the Muslim New York City. They have large and luxoriuos buildings with adjacet malls with all of the Western and Europeon stores you can think of.”Fifty per cent of the world’s supply of cranes are now at work in Dubai on projects worth $100bn – twice the World Bank’s estimated cost of reconstructing Iraq and double the total foreign investment in China, the word’s third-largest economy.” (Taken from: Welcome to the other side of Dubai)

Now here are some of the things you don’t hear about:

The average pay for an unskilled labourer is around $4 a day, and that is enough of a lure for the impoverished of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to flock to the UAE. The jobs are arranged through contractors and those who get them have to take out loans, often at exorbitant rates of interest, to pay for their passage. On arrival in Dubai, their passports are confiscated to prevent absconding while they are on contract.

Wait there is more:

It is not just construction workers who claim to be used and discarded in Dubai. Nannies and maids brought over from south-east Asia, mainly the Philippines, also complain of mistreatment. In extreme cases they are badly beaten. Many end up without jobs after disagreements with their employers. Some drift into prostitution.

Really sad. I guess these are the consequences of the rulers, government officials and construction companies face in Dubai when trying to be a first world nation with a western identity.

Full Article: Welcome to the other side of Dubai

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  1. You cant really blame the rulers/leaders.

    The blame goes to the people. If they wanted to, they can overthrow the government.

    The reason why we cant overthrow them because we arent upon the Haq. If were upon the Haq, we would realize Shias are Kaffirs and not our brothers and sisters. They would realize Barelwis are Mushriks.

    Too bad.

  2. This guy is juss too funni ….everything always ends up relating to shias with u (mr. gq)….maaan ….just giv it up

  3. Salam.
    Good post bro, and yea i’ve been hearing alot stuff being popped about Dubai and its true. but the blame should really go to all of us. If one muslim blames another, unity disappears. And if we stay united then when one does wrong we can push eachother towards Haqq and then few can go wrong. Shias, Kaffirs and Munafiqeen will then be devided from the united Ummah automatically.

  4. This isn’t just Dubai. I used to live in Saudi Arabia and I can tell you it is far more rapant there. I guess Saudi Arabia that’s Saudi’s “Shaytan” side as you put it. They’re acutally paid less in Saudi Arabia and have less human rights. at least in Dubai, if it reached 50 degrees C, the workers were allowed off because it was too hot and thats not even allowed in Saudi Arabia.

    The fact of the matter is that this is happening because of the poverty levels in south asia. over there these same people will work 12 hrs days and still have no food. Not that i’m defending this type of enduntured servant system, the Saudis/Dubaians shouldnt be exploiting this to that degree if they call themselves true Muslims.

    In pakistan/india you have slavery in place.

    At least in Saudi, i’ve heard of a lot of these maids being sexual abused etc.

  5. [Really sad. I guess these are the consequences of the rulers, government officials and construction companies face in Dubai when trying to be a first world nation with a western identity.]

    maybe you should analyze what other Muslim countries are doing before blaming Dubai for everything
    At least Dubai is progressing. There are Muslim countries who have this to a much much higher degree and still are not progressing.

    as i said before, there is slavery in Pakistan/India.

  6. I’m sorry if I offended you. May Allah (swt) forgive me. I just read the article and posted some quotes from that article. I haven’t read anything about Saudi, but I believe this is also true. But Saudi is famous for its shaytan said, while Dubai isn’t. I always think of Dubai as a nice Muslim city. Saudi has a lot of problems. May Allah (swt) get rid of them. Ameen!

  7. LOL You are kidding right? Dude, please tell me you are joking when you said Dubai as a nice Muslim city…

    I rather live in Saudi than in Pakistan or America or Iran…

    Unless Taliban came back, then Id live with them.

  8. @ Ryder:
    I didnt mean to sound very angry and offended, but I appreciate your humbleness.

    I do thank you for bringing this issue some attention. Something definately needs to be done about it. I guess Dubai is actually a good place to start just because they have free speech. But i think its going to be hard to let go becasue most Arab country’s economies depend on this system. But InshAllah we can do it!

  9. no gq …i would not wanna see u on the lock down man …im just telling u to watch ya self boi …lol

  10. Werd, I’m not too surprised at the shadyness though. When I think of Dubai I think more of “engineering” or “development” than “Islam.” Definitely a beautiful city, no doubt…but billion dollar contracts/investments/loans in a VERY rapidly developing city can bring about these types of problems.

  11. It’s true. Fitnah is rampant here… Just the other day the airport people did a strike because they werent being treated properly.

    Other then this issue, Dubai has lost it’s traditional, cultural and religious roots in it’s race to become more westernized and modern.

    70 to 75 percent people living in Dubai are Non-muslims, usually come from the west. There are night clubs here, parties where alcohol is sneaked in, etc and Muslims visit Clubs, drink, and they’r all involved in it too.

    But you can’t blame only the non-muslims for this, maybe to a certain extent you can because they introduce new things, but as Muslims we can control ourselved too. I could go on and on but yeah…

    I guess the little difference is that Dubai is still a Muslim country and you can hear the adhan everday and not be criticized for your Muslim clothing. [Though that is being questioned too now these days] The worst is the Youth, they are so involved into this dunya, it’s sad. Half of them don’t even pray five times a day.

    But alhamdulilah there ARE people who are practicing, even though they’ve become a minority in Dubai, but they’r are people who’r religious.. Alhamdulilah.


  12. that’s soo weiirrdd…i was born in dubai n raised there till i was…11…n then we moved to the US…i miss it alot! it’s still the best country in the world to me maan!

  13. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I’m glad you you’ve brought this issue to attention. It’s estimated that there are over 27 million slaves worldwide, most probably this is an underestimation. Although the article lists that these imported workers are paid whatever diminutive amount they do, they are essentially slaves due to the fact that they are bonded by an exorbitant debt they do not even know they incur. In summary, they are kept for long periods of time in a place they cannot escape, and see very little, if any, of the money that they are supposed to be making. I think it’s very unfortunate that this type of injustice still exists in the world. It is even more unfortunate that there are muslims that are propagating these capitalist ideals. A far cry from the mercy, justice and charity that our religion has taught us. I suppose we can only spread awareness of the issues, as you have done, and make du’a for our fellow Muslims who are not in our privileged situations. Ameen

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