Islam in Space

Ever wondered how to pray or make wudu in space? Where would you face for qibla? How would you fast in Ramadan? Well in Malaysia, they are having a serious 2 day conference dedicated to answering questions about Muslims in space.

For instance, Muslims wash before they pray but not only is water a precious commodity in space, but it is also impractical in weightlessness.

Likewise, the faithful face Mecca. However, that will mean pin-pointing a moving location while in zero gravity.

And Muslim prayer times are linked to those of the sunrise and sunset, but in orbit the sun appears to rise and set more than a dozen times a day.

Does floating break your salah? HAHAHAHA

Shout out to Adam of Another Econ Hopeful who posted this.

BBC News Article: Malaysia considers Islam in space

Native Deen Photo Contest

Quote from ND Photo Contest:

Do you want to win a free IPOD shuffle with all of the “Deen You Know” tracks on it? Native Deen is holding a contest starting immediately asking for all photos of Native Deen. ND fans always take photos and we are looking for the best photo. Please send all photos to with the subject “ND Photo Contest”. Native Deen and its staff will choose the top 3 photos and the first place winner will receive the IPOD shuffle. Please do not send pictures larger than 1mb. Please give us details of where you took the picture and its significance.Contest Ends June 30th, 2006. Other rules apply.

I submitted one of the photos from the MR Gallery of the Native Deen artitsts to the ND Photo Contest (ND = Native Deen).

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Ghetto Guyana

BBC News Article here:Guyana minister shot dead at home

Heavily armed gangs have flourished in recent years in Guyana, and efforts by the police and army to crush them have so far failed.

My parents are shocked. They say Guyana was never like this back in the day. I guess guns have been imported into the country and now gangs have evolved from this.

1 month from today

I’ll be done with another year of schooL! Takbir! Allah hu Akbar!

Everyone, please please please, make dua for me and my studies . InshaAllah. JazakumAllah khairan katheran. May Allah (sw) accept your duas.

U.S. Soldiers Against the War in Iraq

Listen to the replies of the Pro-War supporters. It’s so funny! Haha.

SubhanAllah, the soldiers talked about how they can shoot anything and it didn’t matter. 🙁 This is a great video showing that some American soldiers realize that this is wrong and they feel sorry about this. SubhanAllah!! May Allah have mercy on humanity.

It ends with Bob Marley! He’s the man!

May Allah (swt) allow more American people to see this. Ameen!