Sufi Saudi?!…j/k

Saudi Arabia is finally starting to think about the future of Saudi and Islam. King Abduallah has recently said this quoting from the article:

“We will continue with our development progress to deepen national dialogue, free the economy, fight corruption, and increase government labor proficiency,” he said. “All of this will take place with the distinguished efforts of men and women through a balanced and steady progress that goes along with the needs of the society via Islamic Shariah.” The king said that development could only be nurtured in a peaceful environment, far away from extremism and terrorism.”

MashaAllah! Does this mean that the extremism that breeds from Saudi will come to an end?! InshaAllah! It’s about time Saudi crack down on all the crazy wacko Muslims that preach hate. Wait! There is more…:

“We intend to combat the ideology of takfeer (accusing Muslims of un-Islamic behavior to justify acts of violence against them) with the proper ideology,” he added, vowing that there “was no place for extremism in the land of the two Holy Mosques.”

What ideology is King Abdullah talking about? I don’t really know, but all I know is that he’s thinking like a true Muslim. Alhamdulillah! InshaAllah the proper ideology will be true and pure Islam. Islam with peace, love and care for humanity as a whole. King Abdullah continues to bash the extreme Muslims:

He said that the Kingdom had gone through a rough period last year due to the actions of “some deviant people who were brainwashed” but managed to be steady and gather around its leadership.

Damn Al Qaeda! If they exist, may Allah (swt) guide them! If they don’t exist, may Allah (swt) punish the fitna makers! Ameen!
May Allah (swt) bless King Abdullah! May Allah (swt) make it easy for him to implement these future plans for Saudi Arabia! May Allah (swt) guide all the Muslims in the world and forgive us all! Ameen!

Full Article:
King Vows to Press Ahead With Reforms
Raid Qusti, Arab News

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  1. Sufis are Sunnis. Tasawwuf or Sufism is a the science of spirituality in Islam. It’s main goal and focus is to control our nafs and rid the diseases of the heart within ourselves. Check this site out for articles by Shaykh Nuh and Shaykh Murad on Tasawwuf: Click here

  2. hes talking about the mujahideen and who defend the lands against the kuffar, who speak against the kuffar system, and who try to establish the islamic system in every aspect!

    unfortunately, Saudi and there scholars for dollars make harsh accusations against prominent figures who try to establish this..

    Dont worry, Saudi most likely never turn sufi 😛

    Allahu Allam

  3. SubhanAllah indeed, Ameen AMeen AMeen to all ur duas. May Allah guide us all.

    side note: title = “sufi Saudi1?” hmm, how.? i dont call myself ‘sufi’ and uv obviously seen MY reaction go the post u made, so tell us MR, how are we all different as the brother/sister said above me. THis is no ermm..attack on u, i just think it’d make a fantabulous entry in ur xtra fantabulous blog 😀

    side note # 2: people that take Islam to the extreme, lets not call their faith “extreme Islam”…Islam is too beautiful to be attached to stupid words.

    Assalam Alekum WarahmatuLlahi wabarakatuhu akhi.

  4. I think King Abdullah is talking about the terrorists who kill innocent Muslims and non-Muslism around the world. They are not the Mujahideen. (BTW: my blog missed you 🙂 , haha)

  5. Lets not talk about sufi this and that. Or Bralvis. I have some opinions about saudia Arabia and that is that they have always been in my mind, sellouts to the west. The yahve done nothing to stop America from attacking Muslim countries and they have more money than anyone else in the world. I would like to here these ‘saudi’ kings talk about cracking down on supporting america by supplying $5 billion + to their haraam banking system, then he can talk about cracking down on ‘extremist’ groups.

  6. Salam,

    Just wanted to bring this article to everyone’s attention.

    Title: A Ramadan Message to His Majesty King Abdullah. By Shaykh Abdal Qadir as-Sufi. Read the whole article from:

    Much is being done by some of the Murids of Shaykh Abdal Qadir with some of the princes of Al Sauds and alhamdulliah, things are changing for the better. May Allah make it easy for the Saudi Family and protect them from any “Syriana” (i.e. the movie) style end (where the CIA killed the prince in the movie!!).

  7. Assalamu alaikum,

    Mr GQ, Subhanallah I think you need to think before you write. “would the prophet SalAllahu alayhi wa sallam have said the same thing?” no. The prophet Salallahu alayhi wa sallam had many instances where he could have made dua to Allah and Allah would have destroyed the mushrikeen. however, the prophet Salallahu alayhi wa sallam made dua that Allah guide them. and he forgave them. So how is it when you say “May Allah destory the royal family and the rest of the kuffar?” Subhaallah i’m sorry if this sounds like i’m attacking you akhi, it’s not my intent, but who gave you the authority to declare them kuffar? they say La illaha il Allah , and infact yeah they may do bad things, but they also have done a lot of good. anyway i’m not even going to comment on the later part.. but subhanallah Lets stop judging other Muslims and asking Allah to destroy a people. May Allah subhana wa ta’ala guide us all and forgive us of our sins. ameen.

  8. 1. Anyone who aids the kuffar against the Muslims, is a kaffir himself/herself.

    2. There were instances when RasoolAllah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam cursed someone.

    3. What is wrong with asking Allah to destroy the kuffar?

  9. When Rasool Allah Salallahu alayhi wa sallam cursed people, most if not all the time, it was a general curse, like when he cursed the women who wore wigs, and shaped their eyebrows and stuff. secondly, we should instead ask Allah subahana wa ta’ala to guide them, as that is more righteous. you can make dua for Allah to punish those who oppress muslims, however, we should again ask Allah to guide them, as Rasool Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam did. also, the one thing that makes us Muslim is saying La illaha il Allah Muhammad ArRasool Allah… let’s not judge who is Muslim and who isnt, that is only for Allah subhana wa ta’ala to judge. we dont know what’s in these people’s hearts, if they repent, or what they make dua to Allah for.. therefore, we have no right to say ‘they arent muslim’.

  10. May Allah (swt) grant victory to His Ummah. Ameen.

    May He raise up a leader from amongst us who will this fitnah and unite our Ummah. Ameen.

  11. nice post… inshALLAH it’ll be whatever is good for the haramain surely allah would not let hypocrisy reign in the birthplace of his beloved prophet…GQ, i agree w/ you in that theres noth ing wrong w/ cursing the kuffaar AFTER asking ALLAH to guide them and if ALLAH does not wish to guide them, then well you know

  12. King Abdullah is a Muslim. I can’t judge any further then that. That is all up to The Judge of all judges, Allah (swt). May Allah (swt) guide us all. Ameen!

  13. I think MR GQ is a spy sent by the kafir’s to cause fitnah, and propagate hate amongst Muslims.

    Who here thinks im right?

  14. I think Mr GQ is suffering from the loss of his sister. Notice how he doesn’t even link his blog from his blog dedicated to his sister. May Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala elevate her to the highest heaven! May Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala guide Mr GQ and forgive him of his sins! Mr GQ: Please forgive me, but your comments are unpleasant and they are only affirming what the media portrays Muslims as.

  15. how does the title u put relate to the article in anyway? What does anything in there have to do with sufism??

  16. HEY u fake mujahid and slanderer of sunnah. You two faced scum bag. One one forum u promote al-maghrib and another blog u slander “salafis”, whats the deal son?

    and yeah go learn some deen u doofus

  17. The article is strictly talking about the ones who make takfeer on the rulers ..and those who have bombed many places in saudi..if u havent realised yet..99%+ “wahhabis” dont make takfeer on the rulers or the masses in general.
    Saudi still round up sufis especially the expatriates for promoting sufism there and this is the month they do it most for obvious reasons !

  18. May Allah (swt) forgive me for any short comings. Yes I have promoted AlMaghrib in the past, but things have changed. Please refer to this blog post: No more AlMaghrib for me. May Allah (swt) guide us all.

  19. historically you will find that the takfeer movement began in Egypt with at-Takfeer wal-hijrah and not in Saudi Arabia and that the Salafi dawah has always been oppossed to takfeer.

  20. Ahh, don’t you just love how the Ummah gets caught up in semantics? Makes you wanna go eat kosher food and hang yourself.

  21. Monarchy is haram…having royalty rule muslims has never been a concept from Islam, infact its one of the things holding the ummah back…(we need to look back to how the Islamic state was developed and run by the Prophet(pbuh) then only we can as an ummah unite under a real leadership…
    (ps extremism is a concept created by bush/blair to divide muslims…yes there are many misguided muslims but that shouldnt take us of our path inshAllah…If you look to Iraq you can see that theres soo much emphasis on this Shia/sunni divide when infact the real divide is between the minority who support occupation of Iraq(western cronies) and the majority who are against American/British occupation…
    InshAllah the ummah will unite…

  22. King Abdullaah is not talking about this because he has turned sufi, it is rather that he is Wahhabi or salafee and they are against Al-Qaeda type people, who they call as khwarajee.
    So he is a real salafee against extremism like khwaraajee.

  23. People khawaraajees like above GQ and others and his friends, Al-Qaeda wannabes, are takfeeris, they say all the rulers are kuffaar. They have been historically known to do this stuff, dont pay attention to that.
    Salafee da’wah is different than their likes
    and is against extremism of all sorts, alhamdulillaah.

    MR: dont reveal my identity to anyone, thanks.

  24. Shaykh Abdalqadir Sufi is a fake. In the payroll of the European/ American axis. His work is to act as agent provocateur so that innocent Muslims are exposed.

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