Ha Ha Ha America

Video: Ha Ha Ha America (click here to play)
Duration: 17 Minutes
Description: A translated harangue from China to the US that laughs at our missteps.

Warning: Contains explicit language.

MR’s commentary:
You ever wonder why everything is “Made in China”? This movie tells you why. It was a hilarious movie (minus the bad language used). It’s an eye opener for us Americans. While the US is busy with it’s wars, immigration stuff, terrorism, and the list goes on, China is dominating the world markets from technology to agriculture.

By the way, they are over 100 million Muslims in China. Alhamdulillah!

15 Replies to “Ha Ha Ha America”

  1. wow …umm very insightful … chinamen are a little strange ……video was pretty good ….could do without the swearing and nasty talk tho ..lol

  2. hahaha, that was halarious. “China more Amercian then America” so true.
    Dang at least Mr.Buuush is helping a country not his country but some other country. “American Hilibiles”
    hahaha, Man I wana show this to my Bussiness Marketing class.

  3. Americans are stupid…. but with the money they do have, they can afford to buy the best brains anyways :P.. maybe they want the American population to be lying around dead/stupid, buying food all day long and constantly needing to be entertained.. it does good for the few who own those businesses, does it not? 😉

  4. Hey we Amkericans Are Proud of our stupidity! we love out sourcing jobs! we love helping everyone but ..us ! and killing them too

  5. intresting from your description, but since i dont have time yet i’l watch it later 🙂

    btw did you find ikurosaki.blogspot from your forums or elsewhere? [justwondering]

  6. Just putting in the same thing I wrote in my blog. My reply to your comment about linking me:
    “sure thing MR, if you want to, that is. I am just another MR fan so I couldn’t NOT link you there you know. :)”

  7. lol. Didn’t watch the whole thing though. The Chinese dude with the sunglasses totally looks like one of my classmates.

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