Beards are sexy! NY Times says.

NY Times has an article about how the beard is a cool thing now and it is widely admired in the fashion world. As you can see in the picture, that is a Ralph Lauren model. The beard has always been a compulsory sunnah about every Muslim male. Their are different opinions on the length, shape and style of the beard, but there is not difference of opinion that every man should have some type of facial hair. I have always loved wearing facial. Ever since I started to grow, I wore it. I had different styles, shapes and designs, but I always had facial hair. My personal favoirite is the G line (which you can see me wearing in most of my pictures).

On to the article, quote:

“It’s a sign of the times,” Mr. Martin said. “People are into beards right now.”

Looks like we can’t tell the difference between Muslims and non-Muslims by beards anymore.

Beyond the fashion world, any number of celebrities are exhibiting luxuriant facial hair, including George Clooney with a Hussein-like beard in “Syriana”; Heath Ledger in GQ, looking like Snoopy’s sad cousin, Spike (the beagle with a skinny mustache who is always depressed); and Mel Gibson on a good day. At the New York premiere of “V for Vendetta” last week, Hugo Weaving appeared (with his co-star Natalie Portman, an adopter of last summer’s iteration of the Mohawk) in the beard of the moment, grown for the stage production of “Hedda Gabler.”John Allan, the owner of several clublike grooming salons in New York, reports seeing newly bearded customers, but not enough to warrant concerns for the health of his shaving business.

Now American role models, celebrities, are starting to wear beards. Now Muslim guys that aren’t so much into the deen (may Allah guide them) will start to wear the beard. Hahaha. It’s not a good thing to follow these celebs, but the beard is good.

Sidenote: Any comment that says any of these non-Muslim guys look “cute” or “hot” or “mashaAllah”. I’m going to get mad and delete it! I dislike when Muslims sisters reject us BETTER looking Muslim brothers!

Full Article here: Paul Bunyan, Modern-Day Sex Symbol

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  1. At last Beard is certified, Oh thanks!! hope now we will be not branded as terorrist any more..
    I still dont understand why we need to apploause such certification. This shows we are more guided and inspired by those sexy Guys..not our prophet(SA). Have any one really measured in percentage on a daily life of ours, how much “trend” we follow prophets and those set by those sexy guys? ( i mean toileting, dining, dressing, learning, earning, time passing etc. I would say 2-5% excluding our regular rituals..

  2. niccce!

    but this reminds me of the time I chatted with MR about how I can’t get my line straight and won’t grow in fully. Very upset about this still.

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