Christian Missionaries & Islamic Dawah

This is going to be short. Ever wonder the amount of money, time, organizations, countries and number of people that that are part of Christian missionary work in countries around the world.

On the other hand, Muslims practically do nothing and give hardly any money to Dawah organizations. Yet, we still convert the same or even more then the Christians do.


“Actions speak louder then words.” – Famous Phrase.

Allah says in the Qur’an: “Who is better in speech than one who calls the people to Allah and does righteous deeds?”
(Surah Fusilat, 41:33)

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  1. Well actually, more people are converting to Islam in the west (America, Europe, Australia). Latin American and Africans are generally converting towards Christianity.

  2. salaam

    just want to clarify one thing…while it may seem Muslims don’t give much to da’wah efforts, i would counter that there is a significant amount of effort in da’wah to Islam in the form of websites and the dissemenation of literature.
    what attracts reverts to Islam is the simplicity of our aqeedah (none worthy of worship except Allah) and that’s why, in da’wah, we focus on tawheed and nothing else.
    please visit my site ( as I will be writing, in the future, on similiar topics that you write on and we might enjoy a good debate or two on some topics.

  3. Islam is spreading in Latin America. Christinaity has been there for over 100 years. Islam is fairly new there. You are right about Africa though. The Christian missionaries work really hard over there and put countless funding into many projects.

  4. Hmm, I would disagree about websites. If anything, the vast amount of sites that contradict each other just help to confuse people. Then, there are those who feel the need to give their opinions and pass it off as what islam is.
    There are conversions in african countries because:
    a) there isnt a firm knowledge base, what people know, they know through oral tradition in families.

    b) When you are starving, and are offered food, drink, shelter, and told it is from the ‘christian’ God, you would be convinced that God is all mighty, benevolent, and in short, what a God should be.

  5. i think the reason why the latin american and african ppl r converting to christianity is because they seem to be giving them more then we, as muslims, are. What “they” do is…they got to places such as Africa where they obviously dont have much and indirectly bribe them…as in “if you become christian i’ll give you some food..” you know what i mean?. Anywho…thats my theory… and most ppl ususaly
    agree.. 🙂

  6. We have three great advantages in our in Dawah efforts: the blessing and aid of Allah (SWT), the beautiful example of Rasulullah (SAW), and the simplicity and rationality of our Aqeedah. We do not ask people to accept things without reason or to have blind faith. We also have a practical social message based upon justice and a superior ethical code. These things give hope for both the Dunya and the Akhira; the best that the Christians can do is offer
    a low-cost ticket to a vaguely defined heaven after experiencing a life of crushing injustice.

  7. i think i agree with MR on one side about how the muslim population keeps on growing although we aren’t putting in that much work. and alhamdulillah, that is by the mercy of Allah. but i don’t think it should be a point of pride for muslims. i think the muslims are way behind when it comes to giving back to the community. unless it has some type of immediate benefit for us, we aren’t involved enough in really adapting the Prophetic way and being helpful to those in need, both muslim and non-muslim. going out and giving dawah is, alhamdulillah, very good. but perhaps we don’t even have to be that ambitious. actions do speak louder than words (read MR’s last post on Rwanda), and although i don’t agree with christian conversion techniques, they sure are doing more than we are to help those who need it the most.

  8. Yes, I agree Christians do a lot more then we do to bring their message across to people, they help starving children and bring aid to poor countries. But honestly they try way to hard with concept of religion that just to shady, thus turning people off.

    For Example; In Somalia there are tons of Churches, and Catholic Missionaries helping people giving them, food, clothing, even passing out candies to little children while saying “jesus love you”, But still 99.9% of the people are still Muslim. The reason for that is people find peace in the simplicity of Islam, and Christianity is just way too complicated. Just a week ago a brother came to our masjid that reverted in jail and we wanted his wife to take her shahada also. It’s already been said “… Only in the remembrance of Allah do the heart find rest.” (Qur’an,13:2 )

  9. subhanAllah what a great point, lol Christian missionaries are just AT it, adamant folk, stop u on ur bus-ride home and preach on for an hour.

  10. Next time a female member of the missionary stops me, Im going ask her to be my slave. While Im at it, I may ask for her measurements. That’ll teach them a lesson.

  11. the main difference is that Isalm is an ideology, a deen sent down to show us how to liv ein this duniyah…whereas Christians beleieve that religion is separate from the world and is a part time thing….
    When we were colloecting petitions, there were many chirstians hovering around our stall trying to convert/convinve me Christianity is better, when we asked them questions he replied “i dont know, if i knew i would be god”…
    their ideology has many flaws and doesnt have all the answers (they dont even know how Isa(AI) lived his life)
    they dont have ie a system for all parts of our life, political, economic and social etc…
    The reason why the Christian rule was overthrown in first place was because of the flaws recognised by many of the philosophers…which has not been possible with Islam. The only thing that can bring down the ummah is not the ideology but the muslims themselves…

  12. there is also a large Christian missioanry towards Arab Christians away from Orthodox and Catholic Churches towards Evangelical Christinanity.

  13. salaam!
    yeah there are so many christians in somalia, trying to convert people…i’ve been on their websites and its scary! but they just can’t, nobody buys it, because you see under colonial rule they tried the same thing, and when people started asking things, like, whats up with the trinity? that don’t make sense! they’d be like, well if you had faith you wouldn’t need to know. they don’t spread anything because they are not the true faith and they just don’t make sense. that is why islam spreads so much, alhamdulillah! islam is perfection, truly. TAKBEER! 🙂

  14. As a Christian, let me say that Jesus told His disciples it would be difficult to spread the gospel of salvation. The number of “converts” doesn’t always mean God is with you. We are to do God’s will even if no one repents. Most people are drawn to things of the flesh. In NYC for example, converts to Islam that I know personally, were more interested in the violent, and rebellious aspects, and are NOT interested in a disciplined Holy life. It should also be said that “The West” is NOT Christianity. Indeed, the western culture is becoming increasingly anti-Chritian. Many Christians believe that the number 1 enemy to Christianity is Western liberalism. I am not a Muslim hater by any means. Jesus tells me to love you and I would be willing lay down my life that you would be saved.


  15. they are very few christians like you that are left in this world. May God guide us all!

  16. There are many like me, Mujahideen. But still, Jesus makes it clear that in the latter days, most men would turn to violence, pride and lust. I don’t know about all these so-called “Muslim Converts” around the world, but It’s true that the Muslim converts (mostly young men) that I know are attracted to the power of the sword. They are full of unforgiveness, and certainly not interested in living Holy lives.

    Most of God’s true prophets were never popular. Jesus Himself was killed by the angry crowds who were blinded by their own false religious ideas.

    But Jesus forgives those who accept and follow Him. Imagine…God Himself came to Earth to take the death penalty that we deserved. I wish you knew Jesus the way I know Him. He may just be knocking at your door right now.

    I’ll be praying for you.


  17. Mike for ur information the books so called BIBLE u are reading were written 40years after jesus died, which u call the word of GOD, ur word of GOD is revised and corrected, also many versus are removed by christian scholars, wrod of GOD cannot be tampered by men, if jesus died for ur sins then why salvation is required, if he already dies for our sins then we are sinless and how come we are inherited with sins. Make some sense of ur religion, wonder u believe in jesus salvation, predict me in all ur bibles so far 73 books written if I am not mistaken, where jesus says I am GOD or worship me? ISLAM does want converts but actually its looking for those reverts which went astray from their orignal religion ISLAM, ISLAM is a way of life, try also looking into the QURAN and look deep into it u’d come to see the real face of it, not what u heard from BBC, CNN etc. I am sorry if it hurted some one but these are facts and facts cannot be asided.

  18. Umar is totally right about the efforts by muslims to convert Arab christians and Copts. And an Anonymous mentioned christians using bribery in Africa, but doesn’t seem to realize that this is literally exactly what the muslims do in the Middle East. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but there are major muslim organizations (funded primarily by Saudis I believe) committed to converting copts and arab christians to Islam and bribery is a huge part of it. My parents were repeatedly offered an apartment that would be ours (or theirs I should say) to own, a brandnew car, and a massive sum of cash just to convert from Coptic Orthodox to Islam. They turned it down (obviously) LOL. Initially we thought it was just an isolated offer from family friends who just happened to be very concerned for our souls until we found out that about half of our other coptic friends had been offered the same sort of thing by different people. And these are legit and not unusual offers in Egypt at all. Everyone knows that when they promise you an apartment and a car they actually deliver. So please spare me Mr. Anonymous about Christians resorting to bribes. If you’ve lived in the M.E. for any length of time whatsoever you’ll see the muslim organizations doing exactly what you say the Christians do

  19. Oops, disregard my comments about Umar. I was scanning and didn’t read close enough 🙂

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