Why is Afghani food so good!?

Can someone please tell me?

I really love their food. The brown rice and their chicken is amazing. I just came back from an Afghani restaurant (Choopan Grill, Hicksville, NY) and I had the Korma Palau which was brown rice with lamb curry basically. It was amazing! MashaAllah!

So tell me, all you afghanis or people that can cook afghani food. Tell me some recipes so I can make sure my future wife sees this. Hahaha.

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  1. Honestly, I don’t know why its so good. All I know is my mom’s homecooking outclases any resturant! Alhamdulillah, everyone should always count their blessings. By the way, for those who havent tried it, Guyanese food is madddd good too 🙂 .

  2. I’ve tried cooking, I’m getting better, I think. But getting the rice right, I still haven’t gotten that part down. Anyways a side note, Mr. GQ I think you’ve demonstrated pretty well at this point you have no form of ethics, manners, or common sense for that matter. I’m not doing this to personally disgrace you, I’m saying for the sake of yourself, learn some manners and methods of dealing with other people. Yelling the creed of the Salaf and then going around cursing people and (talking of their girls like food) does not befit a Muslim, and it not only weakens your argument, actually it flats out destroys it. Unlike the West, argumentation does not just require straight arguments, it requires reflection in personality. Like MR said earlier, actions speak louder than words. Anyways, I was getting very fed up with your garbage. Back to Afghan food, ironically in Afghanistan, they dont use white sauce. It’s really odd thats what people think of it here, though I think we can thank the Arabs and the Mediteranneans for that sweet invention. In Afghanistan use turshi (kind of like pickled somethings) or chutney (I know those from the Indian subcontinent will know that) a side, not something you douse the rice in because honestly, the rice is so good. It’s all about meat and rice, and the bread, but I don’t eat the bread with my rice. Aight, I’m mad hungry now.
    مع سلام

  3. 1. There is nothing wrong with talking about women. 2. I dont curse anyone (except Shias and rest of the kuffar). 3. Whats wrong with being blunt?

  4. Oh shut up GQ, I told you once before to go clean your mouth, cos every time you open it, trash comes out….so go wash it with some soap this time. Guyanese food taste really good too…

  5. umm wats that suppost to meen?
    ” Well everytime I open it, my tongue also comes out. 🙂 ” ??

    with your way of thinking, im not sure i really wanna know :/

  6. talk about touchy…how wud i reply to ur post without readin it…recipes for ur future wife to see, implied to me she’s gonna cook (!!)

  7. You tell me in the whole wide world where a wife doesn’t cook, and then i’ll think about it. In every single culture, every single nuclear or greater family the wife always cooks for the family. Yes, the husband can cook also and help out. A week will never go by when then wife didn’t cook. You want proof? Go watch your mom… 😀

  8. i didnt debate that a wife doesnt handle the majority of cooking, all i sed- was ur fan of afghani food, so learnin to cook it urself wud be good..to which u agreed sarcastically…im becoming a psychologist inshAllah..so wud be glad to help with the aggressive attitude 🙂

  9. Afghan food is great! ma shaa Allaah! In fact every type of food from eveyr part of the world is great! I mean we’re humans right? we love to eat. Kabuli Palou rocks. And I gotta say you should learn Afghan food yourself and teach your future wife,by the way, what part of the world is she gonna be from?

    And about GQ, he is not salafee, he is a khwarajee(extremist, out of islaam, lol!) since he talks so shamelessly and baselessly about women. DOnt you have a sister man or a mom? dont talk like that bro, if you are a muslim. Afghan women are sisters too and even if they were’nt we muslims be respectin all women not just muslim women or practicing muslim women.

  10. aww dude do u respect all women????the only women that deserve respect are the ones that respect themselves not immoral unchaste impure women and the like.What a pathetic thing.that dnt show ur chivalrouS!niqaabis ruleeeeee all the way Allahu Akbar!May Allah make us all mujahids and muajhidahs in His way and grant us all to die as shaheeds and shaheedahs so only His deen will DOMINATE AMEEEEEEEEEN

  11. I CHALLENGE U TO A GAME OF AGE OF EMPIRES 3 ONLINE!!!! i’ll tak you down henna! (how do i make an appointment?, haha)

  12. Ah, good food. Try their mantoo, it’s my favorite on the menu. I tell my non-Afghan friends that it’s meat dumplings with yougart.

    Man, you’re making me hungry.

  13. Yes I do respect all women. Because in Islaam you respect all human beings and give them the benefit of the doubt. Niqaabis dont rule, because believe it or not, it aint a piece of cloth on your head or your face that makes you chaste and with niqaab should be humbleness, not arrogance.
    Yes we respect all women as muslims, this is our trademark as muslims. We are not other people who treat people like trash.
    Why have we been taught things like that even a prostitute enters jannah because she gave water to the dog.
    but you khwarajees are cold-hearted people, what do you know.
    You might excell in worship even more than the sahaabah but you are seriously deviated, because you do not have true guidance and imaan in your heart(which is suppose to make you soft and humble and not arrogant for wearing niqaab).

    Sister, keep that face covered, if you dont know how to smile. thanks.

  14. hey I don’t know if this is afghani or not maybe its persian.. but theres this resturant here that sells this pumpkin thats fried in sugar. serve it hot with cold cold yogurt. that stuff is sooo good. I wish i knew how to make it.. :yum:

  15. offcourse you are gonna be mad if there are muslim women prostitutes(dont take my statements out of context). But if you can make sleezy comments about women (muslim women at that) then I think you wouldnt care if they were prostitutes.
    You tell them not to , you help them out, re-direct them to halaal career options if they need to feed themselves and if they dont have a means to support themselves, you support them after they repent and help them get out of the profession. You can support them by marrying them, not making some sleezy comments about them, or degrading them, or calling them whatever, because only Allaah knows who can change and when they will change. Only Allaah can change a state of the person such that the person will become better than you.
    So fear Allaah,
    dont be a khwaarajee.

  16. i’m scared…(should i be??) considering iv never heard of that game, and i live in a completely different time zone..it wud be difficult to fit u in to my schedule…(altho i no id beat u anyway…) 😛

  17. thats it!!! the game wud hardly be fair, seeing as ur sooo familiar with it already, and i neva heard it…but just 4 that…everything i ryt from 2day serves one purpose only..2annoy u!!

  18. wow off the topic we go..how sad that so many of us talk without thinking.
    Mr. GQ I respect you soley as my brother in Islam, even though you may say things that are quite oblivious to the teachings of our beloved SAW. My concern is with why you choose to keep up that act here at least it seems; when a sincer and more gental personality spurs in your blogspot. I admire your bluntness, however, that does not mean insulting people gives credit to your unique behaviour. InshAllah brother I hope that your blogspot personality will flourish at MR’s site and then we can all have a civil conversation without calling one another Kafir or insulting Muslims. This is not only to Mr. GQ but to all on this site. Fear Allah STW. Remember you will have to answer to him alone.
    Back to Aghani food–never had it..but I assume it is similar to Pakistani/Indian food. I love South Asian foods—no offence to Arab foods–but there is no taste; I wonder what the arabs here think about thier own foods. (ahem accept Leb’ food–they know how to cook!)

  19. I would like to say Middle Eastern/Arab food is the best (I might be sliiiightly biased)…I have to say that there aren’t many good Middle Eastern places around, my mom and aunts know how to make it the best masha’Allah…oh and I looove Afghani food too 🙂

  20. regarding that game, and well, me beating u..how wud i no ur online the same time as me??? im not a computer nerd u see so i dont get all this stuff (not that i’m implying anything…) 😛

  21. As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaah,

    Wow, Masha-Allaah, talk about the posts being longer than the original topic. The topic had totally drifted, from Salafi-haters to prostitutes to the Khawarij to calling one out of Islaam. SubHana-Allaah. May Allaah guide us. Aameen.

    Being an Afghaan, AlHumdu-Lillaah, I’m going to go eat some Afghaan food now. Ma3saalama.

  22. Yeah, apparently Im a kaffir according to some people.

    Hmm, anyways Im in the mood for a Jew. Anyone up for a Jew? 😉

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