U.S. Soldiers Against the War in Iraq

Listen to the replies of the Pro-War supporters. It’s so funny! Haha.

SubhanAllah, the soldiers talked about how they can shoot anything and it didn’t matter. 🙁 This is a great video showing that some American soldiers realize that this is wrong and they feel sorry about this. SubhanAllah!! May Allah have mercy on humanity.

It ends with Bob Marley! He’s the man!

May Allah (swt) allow more American people to see this. Ameen!

21 Replies to “U.S. Soldiers Against the War in Iraq”

  1. inna lillahi wa inna illayhi rajioon… subhanAllah that’s sad.. someone should tell them, the only way to really redeem themselves is if they become Muslim…

  2. the pro-iraq occupation supporters said the same thing Tony Blair(UK PM)- that God wanted the war to take place….

  3. Oh my godness gracious! im freaking out here! what happened to your nasheeds MR???!! i was on my way to downlaod some….and they were’nt there!!!!!

  4. I love bob marley…particularly the redemption song..but that may be because I’m guynese….Oh and to whoever called those guys “scums” grow up..you have no right to say that about them. These soldiers realized the truth of the Iraq war and feel as if their country and president used them and you call them scum just because their not Muslim. What happened to respecting others around you!

  5. Allah guides who He wills…you dont know if they will realise the true path so you shouldnt be sayign things like that…(when did the Prophet (pbuh) call non believers losers…if fact he prayed that Allah guide them, the biggest example Umar bin Khattab!!!!!)

  6. May Allah guide all humanity, ameen.

    MR – in regards to your question, no, just a visitor. I didnt approve the comment because of what people might see it to imply. sorry!

    fi amani Allah wasalam

  7. i don’t know why people bother with gq. he’s purposely looking for a rise out of people. just ignore his childish, asinine behaviour. he does nothing but cause fitna, the last thing we need in our already chaotic societies. all you can do about him is pray for his guidance and all of ours inshAllah.

  8. your welcome. actually you may have to wait a lil bit for it to download and then press play.

  9. the Prophet (pbuh) prayed to Allah (swa) that guide either Abu Jahal or Umar bin Khattab(ra) to show the power of Allah (sw) that He can change the hearts of anyone…inshAllah maybe you aswell….

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