Cartman (from South Park) defends Muslims

It’s kinda funny and interesting. Thought I’d share with you guys. I have never watched a full episode of South Park, but my homie, Mo Sin had up on his away message a quote from the character, Cartman from South Park which inspiried this video.
Check it out:

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  1. haha subhanallah. although it’s meant to be more mocking than anything, it’s still funny… Allah humma salli wa salam wa barrek 3ala Muhammad wa 3ala alahi wa sahbahi wa sallem

  2. yeah, cartman actually just wanted to get rid of family guy, hahaha which was funny too

  3. i think Gumbos right, its mocking… cartmans made to look like an idiot thru the whole episode part 1 and 2.

  4. it wasn’t mocking Muslims, i think it was mocking the way the media was hypocritcal in their reasons of not showing the Prophet Muhammad (saas) but they show the Prophet Isa (as) [Jesus = Isa].

  5. tru wot u sed MR but i think people r hestitant to lyk south park, cuz its known for its blasphemous content?

  6. Cartman is seen as a hitler-type…he often manipulates people and promotes hatred (ie there’s an episode where he says having red hair is a disease)…its meant to be ironic that he supports muslims…

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  8. i’m sorry that i sound strict bro, but since its the end of days we should be serious about all our actions.

    However, verily every person faces the end of their own days.

  9. This has nothing to do with Cartman. Im just wondering why you’re on the AlMaghrib forums if you infact boycotted it?

  10. That still does not change anything even if he defends muslim , becoz the show has mocked prophet isa since its launch i think its disgrace ppl find it funny at all

  11. Well I think the person who posted this should have a big wahay to him/her. I like to hear something positive for once …South Park rock for supporting muslims.

  12. OMG OMG OMG south park writter is so haram—-do you knoe wat he did?—you knoe how in south park family guy episode they didnt show the prophet well guess wat—-the last south park episode in season 12 i think lool—they shouldnt even put it i hope they get tortured man wowowowowo i cant belive it the second i watched it i changed it writ away and i just played rock band 2 ahahah but still…

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