11 Replies to “Save Darfur!”

  1. My friend started spreading the word about Uganda (I know Darfur is in Sudan but the situation in Uganda is just as bad with kidnappings and displaced children) and we started having “Invisible Children” movie showings and the word is spreading like wild fire. However knowledge is not useful without action. We need to get people involved in getting governments to take action, esp our own. Bush is “liberating” Iraq? How about Africa? Oh wait, they don’t have enough oil to get his concern, is that it?

  2. lol…the funniest thing, i was talkin about this with one of my guals the other day./ “liberating iraq”? my jack!
    bush has some “unfinished buniss” of his fathers..wat once started…he must end.//
    …hmm..i wunder wat theyr doing with sadam husein right now…may allah help him, and help those suffering from the genocide…AMEEN.

  3. Salaams Akhi

    Jazaks for the link… started watching a documentary about it the other day but had to stop to get back to studying (want the link?)
    dont forget me in ur duaa u hear?
    salaam salaam

  4. Okay, im not too familiar with the genocide happening in africa. Astaghfrillah! But uh… some people online like say its MUSLIMS slaughtering non-muslims. I couldnt believe it.

  5. Also… ive heard from right-wing sources that its arabs that are killing/raping black people. Someone please clear this up for me. Email me yeah?

  6. It is Muslims killing Muslims. Two different tribes/races. One is ethnicaly cleansing the other .

  7. both tribes are dark .. but one of them are arab descendants..
    thats why their physical features are slightly different (like lighter)…
    its there governmenty that is in power and i think that its them that are killing the people of darfur..

  8. unfortunately, the right wing guys prob have it right this time. the arab controlled govt has sanctioned the arab militias to take the actions that they have. the supposed reason for this is that there are rebels in darfur who want to break apart the country, while all they want is a more equitable representation in the government. its ethnocentrism at its worst and its just another piece of evidence for those who wish to attack islam. this is why muslims should be at the forefront of the save darfur campaign.

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