Ghetto Guyana

BBC News Article here:Guyana minister shot dead at home

Heavily armed gangs have flourished in recent years in Guyana, and efforts by the police and army to crush them have so far failed.

My parents are shocked. They say Guyana was never like this back in the day. I guess guns have been imported into the country and now gangs have evolved from this.

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  1. it’s also the recent proliferation of drugs. mixed in with the country’s high poverty rate, you’ve got yourself a regular cocktail for disaster.

  2. Guyana is wild. Drugs, guns, corruption, and the list goes on. Its real dangerous at night.

  3. MR this is out of the blue, but do people who’r from Guyana have a different language? Just curious.

  4. although at times it may sound like they speak a different language, guyanese people speak english only, caribbean style:P

  5. English is the major language, then Hindi, then Urdu. Creole is just West Indian English.

  6. it’s very simple. Tasawwuf is all about taking care of our heart. Eliminating the diseases of the heart. If every Muslim focused on that, wallahi we would have such a great power, even the Shaytan would be crying. But that’s not in reality. In reality, Muslims are Muslims. So inshaAllah we can only hope for the best and make dua.

  7. taking care of the heart is something that is not new. it’s an established part of this deen and, unfortunately, some people raise this component of our deen and make it the goal of life, when it is not. taking care of the heart is a means its not the end. it would be a great error to say that taking care of the heart is the sole purpose of existence on earth, and it is not the only act of worship. let us all remember that taking care of the heart is an one obligation in addition to other obligations. you cannot complete other parts of your obligations w/o trying to cleanse your heart, nor can you attain success as defined in the book of Allah and the sunnah of His messenger, sws, by just trying to cleanse your heart and neglectiing the other obligatory duties on the ‘abd.

  8. from what i heard…its about 20% muslims, 30% hindus, 50% catholics & christians…this is just an approximation

  9. They can speak English, but Guyanese is almost a creole. Its kind of where Jamaican is at. Its not a full blown creole, like what the Haitans did to French. Lets just say, they took English, and they made it do whatever they want it’d do. It’s definitely not English when they speak it though, even though its syntax and some vocabulary is similar.

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