Mike Tyson the Muslim

Mad funny! Hilarious video of Mike Tyson on TV. Focus on the last couple of words he says at the end of the clip. I added a few things to spice it up. You know how MR be! Hahaha.

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  1. omg!!! i laughed hysterically! ok except i’ve never seen anyone more random in the world.. at first i was like aww look, he’s giving dawah.. then he ruined it with the eating children part.. i’m scared..

    may Allah guide him and us all! ameen.

    that’s just messed up..

  2. astagfrullah lol… damn… “assalama lama laykum”, “I eat your children praise be to Allah”


  3. omg. i nearly fell outa my seat. ” asalamu alaikum mighta…i dunno man “??? wat? LOL thats like 1:10 into it… thats the funniest thing ever, the guy asks him a question …then he says assalamu alaykum mighta….LOL/
    i had heard a long time ago that he turned muslim, but i guess its more of a shock wen u accually see it. shiiiiz…i havnt laughed like dat in a while ..lol/keep em comming MR

  4. Salaam ‘alaikum,

    Amir, I’m gonna get Mike Tyson on you next time I see you!

    In all seriousness, Mike Abdal-Aziz Tyson, has been diagnosed with clinical depression for which he takes medication and suffers from a “constellation of neurobehavioral deficits” that include problems with “attention span, memory, reading, spelling and impulse control.”
    His doctors’ reports indicate that it’s possibly linked to the severe physical and psychological trauma he suffered as a child (he was often beaten unconscious).
    All this to say that we shouldn’t be poiking fun at his speech idiosyncrasies and certainly shouldn’t question the sincerity of his Islam.
    His actions/words are probably forgiven because of his condition; ours probably aren’t.

  5. SubhanAllah! I didn’t know that at all!!!. The video is really old though. Oh man. I feel really bad now.

  6. mike tyson, whatever his conditions be, is an amazing champion! no one fought like him and no one will. he was great to watch and showed everyone that a muslim can make it in any profession they set their mind to. who cares if hes not the typical muslim, his short spurts of islam in his interview only show how much its on his mind. honestly, how many of us go around saying “there is only one Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”? especially on live t.v. and obviously the “eating children” part was part of the psychological game in the boxing genre.

    may Allah swt guide us all, ameen.

  7. taking into account a boxer’s state of mind. the state of mind of a person that is psychologically ill, and a person that has submitted himself to Allah swt…all i can say is..

    ah, the man just rocked it.

  8. Ditto. Seriously, winning the title at age 20, that just says it all. The man was a great fighter. He no doubt made the sport more exciting and took it to a new level…sort’ve like how Jordan changed basketball.

    I always rooted for him, even when he was hated on and everyone predicted Holyfield to win, I rooted for Tyson.

    Subhanallah, back in his prime…the man was a beast. 🙂 May Allah (swt) help guide him and the rest of us on the right path, and inshallah grant us success in this life and the in akhirah. Ameen.

  9. Alhumdulilah!, it is always nice to see people coming to Islam. None of us are perfect but our first step towards improvment of ourselves is Islam. So may Allah reward us all and truly it is a blessing and a mercy for us to be Muslim even with our short comings. May more people come to Islam and may those who are already Muslim maintain and strengthen their iman. Ameen!

  10. LOL amir i didn’t even realize u posted this until naim emailed me and asked why my name were in these credits …. “PRAISE BE TO ALLAH”

  11. yo u dint know he converted back to christianity, this movies really old he got a tattoo on his face and he abuses his wife now

  12. Nah, thats old news also (regarding his ex-wives). He’s still a Muslim. He’s bankrupt right now, living off the streets, homeless shelters or with friends.

  13. eating children is just a metaphor even rappers like brotha lynch talk about it, no one really eats children but probably the queen of england and alll them satanic people

  14. its great to see how this famous mans goes to ISLAM .,,,, ALLAHUEKBER ……Allah is Biggest ……, and only God ., Tyson well done you are now Muslim and be Proud … .::) 🙂 🙂 🙂

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