Who’s Afraid of Islam?

I found this video on the blog Brilliance of Islam. It’s a documentary from the UK featuring Fareena Alam & Abdur Rahman Malik of Q News, Azhar Usman and others. It’s pretty good, definetly better then any US made documentary about Islam. Oh yeah, the guy that made the group called ‘MuslimsForBush’ and Asma Gul Hasan are both featured on there. Don’t pay much attention to them (although they may have some good points).

Tackling Extremism – Doha Debates

The Panel of SpeakersThe issue of how to combat extremism and improve relations between the West and Muslim world was the topic of the second Doha Debates Special on February 28th, 2006. The event was part of the Doha meeting of the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations. Four guest speakers, including…

            • Archbishop Desmond TutuShaykh Hamza Yusuf
            • Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
            • Professor John Esposito
            • Diana Buttu

…answered questions from the student audience.

I couldn’t embed the video, but you can watch it on Google Video here. It’s 46 minutes long. It’s pretty good, alhamdulillah. Shaykh Hamza tears it up as usual.

The video is courtesy of Alhambra Productions and is available to download at there podcast.

Shaykh Nuh in North America

Shaykh Nuh Ha Meem Keller will be in Buffalo, NY at the Al-Nur Islamic Center from June 2 to June 5. I personally recommend anyone who can go to this, should definetly check this out. Shaykh Nuh is an amazing scholar and speaker. For more information about Shaykh Nuh, visit Masud.co.uk.

Shaykh Nuh will also be in Toronto, Canada from June 6 to June 8. For more information, click here.
For more Information: http://www.suhba.org/

Amazing Football Goals!

I found this on Google video. Football is definetly one of my favorite sports to watch, especially since it’s the only sport that my whole family is interested in (other then cricket). I can’t wait for World Cup 2006 to start. Trinidad, for the first time ever, is participating. This year, the World Cup is in Germany. Germany will make a lot of money of this, being that it will be the most widely watched set of matches in the entire world.

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Rise of Tasawwuf in Chechyna

Grozny MasjidGrozny Journal
A Whirling Sufi Revival With Unclear Implications

GROZNY, Russia — Three circles of barefoot men, one ring inside another, sway to the cadence of chant.

The men stamp in time as they sway, and grunt from the abdomen and throat, filling the room with a primal sound. One voice rises over the rest, singing variants of the names of God.

The men stop, face right and walk counterclockwise, slowly at first, then fast. As they gain speed they begin to hop on their outside feet and draw closer. The three circles merge into a spinning ball.

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Google Trend: Islam, most searched religion

Islam is the most searched religion according to Google TrendsClick here to see the graphs and how Islam is compared to Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. There are many reasons why Islam is the most searched. It’s always in the media while the others aren’t as much. This is a good chance for online Islamic websites to give potential dawah (outreach) to non-Muslims.

Zaytuna Minara Program in Dallas, TX – Sat. June 17, 2006

I highly recommend all the Muslims around the Dallas, TX area on June 17 to attend this program. I went to the Zaytuna Minara Program in New Jersey and it was amazing. The Zaytuna Institute is one of the elite North American Islamic insitutes actually doing some positive work by educating the Muslims here. May Allah (swt) reward them and expand there work. Ameen!

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Honey, I’m the Messenger of God

We all know the story of the first revelation of the Qur’an, Iqra bisma…. and so on. Do we know what happened right after?

We know that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told his wife and his wife comforted and from then on he became the Messenger of God. Wait? Is that all too it?

Think deeper…deeper…deeper. Imagine, he is just a man in a cave. Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) comes and squeezes him 3 times and then he goes to his wife and tells her what happened. No wait! Your not getting it? Let me explain it to you in modern day terms. You are the CEO of a billion dollar company and you quit your job. You go home and you tell your wife, “I quit my job”. You think she’ll be pleased? Would you be pleased?
The Prophet (peace be upon him): “Khadijah, God spoke to me through the Angel Jibreel”. Khadijah: “It’s okay Muhammad, I believe you and I support you.” Khadijah didn’t even say ‘Are you crazy?’. The Prophet (peace be upon him) actually thought he was crazy, but Khadijah told him he wasn’t.
SubhanAllah! If you were Khadijah, would you believe? Whether you are a male or female, it doesn’t matter, would you believe? Would you believe your spouse like Khadijah, with no questions asks, no comments, no nothing?

Sometimes we take it for granted that we are Muslims. Imagine if we were in a position like that, would our hearts be easily influenced and so full of trust in another person to believe that person?