Worse Allergy Season Ever!

SubhanAllah! I am so sick. Itchy eyes. Runny nose. Sneezing literally 50 times in a row. Watery eyes. Red eyes. I look like I’m really sick. I look like I smoked 10 lbs. of weed. I look like I cried for days. All thanks to my allergies.

“Experts across the country say they are recording the highest pollen counts they’ve seen in a decade.” (Quote from Allergy Overload)

So to all those who have this problem, what do you take and what works the best?

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  1. oh man, that definitely stinks. i can sympathize, i’ve got the same problem. advice on what you could take? personally i stick with a medley of claritin, visine and toughing it out. does it work? hardly. well i hope you find a remedy that suits you well. and i hope that you feel better inshAllah!

  2. Akhee, Ive had the same problem, but worse. My whole body became covered in this red rash-like symptom. My eyes were swollen and so were my lips. It was as if I had hives. I wouldnt stop itching. At one point I thought I had to go to the hospital. I became all bloody because I would scratch so much. But I didnt take Claritin or anything like. I just took some Benydryll and the only reason was because it put me to sleep. This may sound wierd, but make some carrot juice yourself (do NOT buy it from the store as they suck and are disgusting). Trust me, you see so much relief once you drink it, Insha’Allah. It may take a few glasses before you get rid of it, but Insha’Allah you will beat it. Carrot juice has many anti-oxidants in it. Try it and let me know how it goes. May Allah give you and everyone else shiffa and sabr. Ameen

  3. yea…its been claritin since my childhood days (sigh) …my symptoms r not as bad as urs…or gq’s ….it works most of the time for me…but i know they sell a type of cream for itchiness at the drug store….(the good kind of drugs..lol)//May Allah help u with ur troubles…may he help us all..//Ameen

  4. It’s because of sexual discrimination. All trees planted in the suburbs and the cities (not the countryside) is usually male, they made that decision I think 20-30 years ago in order to keep from seeds falling all the time. Unfortunately, that means theres always more and more ridicolous amounts of pollen in the air, both more trees and no other trees to absorb the pollen means: really bad allergies.

  5. Assalam alaykum,

    haha hope you all feel better Inshallah.

    Oh and, try drinking brocolli soup. It’s amazing.And it helps. :faint:

    If you have a Coco’s restaurant around you somewhere, their brocolli soup is just… delicious.

    May Allah s.w.t heal this illness quickly.

    lol@yasers comments.


  6. NO WONDER… my eyes have been tearing and I’ve been mad stuffy.. I knew it was allergies but I didn’t think anyone else was having the same problems.. I haven’t taken any medication yet, just kept around lots of tissues… but Zyrtec and Allegra help sometimes.

  7. stay home and don’t go outdoors..just go to school, study and do your school work, stay indoors and stay away from the computer.

  8. Finding this may be a little difficult – but look for honey thats been produced LOCALLY. And eat LOADS of it

    We get it in our supermarkets here in the UK so I think you should be able to find some in USA

  9. Make Dua for the entire planet, for all of us, for you, for me, for the Love of ALLAH, for Jannah, for everything you can think of…why?? becuase dua is acccepted when one is sick!

  10. Ditto here bro :’-|. I have the worst seasonal allergies. I usually take Claritin, but I ran out so the last few days I’ve been taking Zyrtec. Dude, I went to get some Claritin today…it was freaking 15 bucks! So I bought the generic (loratadine) instead and it cost 1/3 the price. God bless generic medicine!

  11. You complainers! Come down to Florida and see how you like it. Our cars were literally covered in a layer of yellow pollen. I missed a day of work because my allergies were so bad. Just learn to live with it like me. Carry lots of kleenex around.

  12. assalamu alaikum,
    One day one the school bus (during my high school days)getting ready to go home someone passed by seat and I heard “Aachuu” (the sneezing sound) and at the same time my face was covered in wetness. I looked up and the guy said someone told him to do that to me. He actually just made a sneezing sound and sprayed a bottle of water on my face. Alhumdulilah, it was not real just a joke. But for a moment I thought it was real. LOL I know it doesn’t really have to do with this topic but it is about sneezing.

  13. SubhanAllah. I thought it was just me.

    This year it’s been so bad that sometimes I feel like I have asthma (I’ve never even coughed from allergies before). I’ve been staying in in the daytime as much as possible and other than that toughing it out like a man.

  14. New Medical Study: Thirty minutes of ‘making out’ i.e. snuggling, kissing, hugging, will work better than an anti-histimine. ha I’m not joking, this was a REAL study. Wonder who paid the millions to have it done?

    I would like to do a study, anyone want to fund it???

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