From bBlog to WordPress

I decided to use WordPress instead of bBlog due to some reasons:

  • WordPress is widely used 100 times more then bBlog.
  • WordPress has 100 times more plugins then bBlog.
  • bBlog hasn’t established version 1 yet, while WordPress is at version 2.
  • No blogs I personally know or read uses bBlog.

Some disadvantages (or things I need to learn how to do on WP) is:

  • Difficult to write your own html code for each post.
  • Can’t embed Videos (YouTube, Google Video, etc.)

If you know how to fix those problems, let me know. Thanks! [Edit: I fixed it! WP Rules!]

So what do you guys think? I’m still playing around with the style and themes I have. Tell me what you like and what you don’t like. After all this blog is to please myself and the readers.

Oh yeah! One more thing: EVERYONE GET FIREFOX!

16 Replies to “From bBlog to WordPress”

  1. Mabruks! Definitely a good move bro. You’ll find WordPress a lot more versatile. Now you have to go to Jackson Heights and get mitai for all of us. 🙂

    Note: I prefer luddoos, jalaibi, chum chum, and gulab jaman. 😛

  2. Sure, just keep this site up, so we can use your secret stash and your foums. BTW, why not Blogspot?

  3. You will like Word Press. I am thinking about switching. I post for some other sites (other than Right Truth which is mine alone) that use Word Press and it is so easy, never have any problems with it, you will love it.

    TypePad is still having problems since it was hacked last week. I’m getting sick of them.

    Great comments at Right Truth today. You really help people to understand that ‘Muslim’ really is a catch all title. In reality the groups within the big Muslim umbrella are very different. Thanks.

  4. btw.. i guess it’s not the problem of blogspot or worldpress or bblog (i just went to their websites).. it’s just something about this layout that hmm is INTERESTING.

  5. Boo, Joomla is the best.. plus it now has a wordpress plugin … also i has wiki plugins all which I need to play around with

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