Stony Brook(lyn) – 4 SBU Students get Robbed

Newsday Article here: Four Stony Brook students robbed at gunpoint

The masked robbers, armed with a handgun and a knife, took cigarettes, two cell phones, a wallet and about $60 in cash before fleeing, Little said. The victims, all male undergraduate students, were not hurt, he said

WOW! Stony Brook isn’t safe anymore. This is not good.

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  1. We should always put our trust in Allah while taking the means to keep oneself safe. However I have to say there is no such thing (at least I would argue) as a “safe place.” Crime permeates everywhere and no one is 100% safe from it no matter where you are. Why would a campus be exempt from such crimes?

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. That’s true for all areas of the world, but in reality people have feelings that some areas are safer then others due to the crime activity and the statistics of that area. But you are right it don’t matta if you live in Compton or the Hamptons, anything goes.

  3. Yeah I get your point and agree. I would feel safer in a higer class neighborhood and would walk the sidewalk in relative comfort whereas if I was in a “bad” neighborhood I would run for my life lol. At my campus someone was murdered a month or so ago. They have no leads on it…still. Crazy world.

  4. oh that is pretty bad.

    face it amir. stoney brook is starting to sound like a bonafide jane and finch. now you won’t have to come all the way to canada to catch some action:)

    take care now:)

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