Firefox View vs. Internet Explorer View

I am having problems displaying my blog correctly on IE. I really don’t like IE 6.0. It’s not as good as Firefox. Everyone should get it! I took snapshots of what the problems are when my blog is being displayed on IE. This is specifically when you are looking at single post. (Click the image to see the full size.)

IE View

Does anyone know how to fix these displaying problems on IE?

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  1. Salam Brotha,

    There arent any real solutions to this glitch, i recommend you test your website on the new I.E. 7 which has just been released. Download it, let us know what you think inshAllah.


  2. I also had IE/Firefox issues. In IE the site looked fine, but in Firefox the AL East standings box would go up and into the Simpsons quote box, making it out of line with the rest of the template. I consulted WP forums and they helped me fix the problem. I think Firefox requires perfect coding, whereas IE is a little more flexible. Anyhow, I’m an IE fan…I’m used to it, and I don’t really see all the hub-bub about Firefox.

  3. Over 70% of my hits are users that use IE 6.0, so this is why I need to make it look pretty for IE.

    IE is good, but firefox has something that IE doesn’t and that is the tabs. I love it! I use it all the time. I think IE 7.0 hasn’t been released yet, just the beta versions. I will wait for the stable version, then everyone will upgrade and firefox will most likely be no more.

  4. Firefox all the way! It has mad plugins to make it do funny things, how can you not like it. Mines gives me updates on football(soccer) games and the weather and gmail…and I don’t even notice it!

  5. I haven’t used IE in ages. I love Firefox. Firefox is more secure, has tabbed browing, and is just great.

    I just loaded my site Right Truth with IE to check it out. It looks the same as with Firefox, but it loaded much faster with IE than it does with Firefox. I don’t know why that would be.

    Sorry I can’t help you.

  6. No, IE just cant handle the coding that Firefox can. IE is crap. Download Firefox

    By the way, is it IE’s fault that you made a grammar mistake “its supposed to be…” not “its suppose to be”


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