An Inconvenient Truth – Comes out May 24

I saw this on Realm of Truth and I had to post it up here. I am definetly going to try see this movie. Anyone want to go with me? It’s showing in NYC on May 24.

Also on Google Video and iFilm.
Good quality: Apple Movie Trailer

Movie website: An Inconvenient Truth

7 Replies to “An Inconvenient Truth – Comes out May 24”

  1. Salaams looks really good…have no clue wen it will hit the UK…havent even heard of it…lol…

  2. Al was on SNL for their first skit and on Weekend Update. It was tyte.

    “Who knew Afghanistan and Iraq would be spring break’s hottest spot.” Haha.

  3. o0o0000oo

    I’LL GO! lol

    It’s really scary that we will be the ones to cause our death…I mean, I feel like the end of the world is sooo near, and I’ve prepared NOTHING for it. While people are freaking out for college apps because they don’t have enough extracurriculars, or because they don’t have enough stuff in their portfolio, imagine.. we’ve been on this world for how long and what do we have to show in front of Allah?

    So many signs have been fulfilled. You know the major one about the sun rising from the West? Don’t you remember all the hullabaloo when the eclipse happened? They were saying Mars is changing its rotation, and if it does, it’s likely that the Earth will change its rotation and the sun will…. RISE FROM THE WEST!!!

    Scary :-/

  4. This reminds me of the movie, “The Day After Tomorrow”.

    It looks interesting, would love to go see it. But unfortunately, I’m in Denmark + it’s exam time. 🙁

    I guess I’ll have to wait for it to get released in Denmark. Insha’Allah…

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