Another semester flies by…

SubhanAllah! My 3rd year at university is complete. Time really flies. I can still remember my freshman days at Stony Brook University. It’s really sad…..PSSHH! NOT! SCHOOL IS OVER! THE SUMMER IS HERE! HOLLLAAA!

Serious note: Everyone is requested to make dua (prayer) that we all get good grades in our exams and final grades, inshaAllah. Ameen!

All those Age of Empires 3 players, be aware: the MR is back online!

Congratulations to Junaid Arshad, Fahad Tirmizi & Naveed “N Veed” Ahmed who are graduating.

8 Replies to “Another semester flies by…”

  1. age of empires time. nice. who else plays other than jinzz and arabatman? let me know when, iA.

    hey are you going to ISNA EZ?

  2. salaam

    noo fair.

    I still have 17 more days to go before i can play. But i think jinnz is free.

    Yeah me and isra got together.. (Isra: Did you get my ims? ]

    Anyway, i’m ignoring islamica till atleast the 26th.

    Oh and mr, my nicks barefootstepper on islamica.


  3. good luck on your exams and everything, MR. I have finals all this week and next 🙁

    I just finished my third year at Hunter too…”woot woot!”

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