Terminator 2: Yowm al Qiyamah

Terminator 2Today I was at a Seerah program taught by Dr. Abdul Hakim Jackson, who told us a story about him watching Terminator 2: Judgement Day. He said that he cried in the movie. Yes! Cried in an while watching an action film. How? You’ll be amazed at the connection.

In the story the woman, Sarah Conner, knows what will happen to the human race if they don’t prepare. She knows that the machines will come and destory mankind, but sadly they don’t believe her. Instead they think she is insane and craze and lock her up. This is similar to that of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who knew the truth and knew that if his people did not accept Islam, they would be doomed. The Arabs during that time didn’t believe him and said he was insane and crazy. Well, we all know that, Islam eventually took over and was established, but in the early, years it was like that.

Funny how part of the title of the movie was, “Judgement Day”. Haha!

Anyways, I find it amazing how this connection was made. I have so much more! (But, I’ll save it for more posts, inshaAllah!)

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  1. Too many Christian Parallels in the Matrix Trilogy, the thing was basically a rip off all of Christian Mythology, mixed with in Philisohical psychobabble and really long yet enjoyable fight scenes, with the exception of that dumb fight against Neo and the 1000+ Agents. That just looked dumb. Matrix – Really Brilliant. Matrix II – Ehhh, fighting was cool. Matrix III – Not even the fighting saved watching this movie, what a depressing end.

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