Honey, I’m the Messenger of God

We all know the story of the first revelation of the Qur’an, Iqra bisma…. and so on. Do we know what happened right after?

We know that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told his wife and his wife comforted and from then on he became the Messenger of God. Wait? Is that all too it?

Think deeper…deeper…deeper. Imagine, he is just a man in a cave. Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) comes and squeezes him 3 times and then he goes to his wife and tells her what happened. No wait! Your not getting it? Let me explain it to you in modern day terms. You are the CEO of a billion dollar company and you quit your job. You go home and you tell your wife, “I quit my job”. You think she’ll be pleased? Would you be pleased?
The Prophet (peace be upon him): “Khadijah, God spoke to me through the Angel Jibreel”. Khadijah: “It’s okay Muhammad, I believe you and I support you.” Khadijah didn’t even say ‘Are you crazy?’. The Prophet (peace be upon him) actually thought he was crazy, but Khadijah told him he wasn’t.
SubhanAllah! If you were Khadijah, would you believe? Whether you are a male or female, it doesn’t matter, would you believe? Would you believe your spouse like Khadijah, with no questions asks, no comments, no nothing?

Sometimes we take it for granted that we are Muslims. Imagine if we were in a position like that, would our hearts be easily influenced and so full of trust in another person to believe that person?

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  1. salaams,

    subhannanllah and friend of mine and myslef were disscussing this the other day, the imaan (faith) that this women had is spectacular masha’Allah. I If i were in her shoes i doubt i wouldnt have questioned it, but the one whome Allah guides non can misguide so she was one of the chosen ones….that Allah speaks about in surah-waqiah

    “was-sabiqoon as-sabiqoon”

    ” And those foremost [(in Islâmic Faith of Monotheism and in performing righteous deeds) in the life of this world on the very first call for to embrace Islâm,] will be foremost (in Paradise).”

    Masha’Allah her reward for this faith is described later in this surah and its just amazing….

  2. it should be Iqra bismi…(with an ee sound) ! ahh i love Husna class! man you learn so much.. im sad it ends saturday.. br. nouman is AWESOME! mashaAllah.. c’mon mab.. ‘B’ is a harf of Jarr… so therefore ism should be jarr.. “bismi”.. man who would have know i would benefit so much already… walhamdulillah..

  3. What about Mary, the mother of Jesus? She was engaged to be married to Joseph. The angel tells her she will become pregnant with God’s son, and yet still be a virgin. Do you think this was easy for Joseph, her future husband, to believe?

    Would you, as a man/men, believe it if your fiance came to you and said, “I’m pregnant with God’s son, but Oh by the way, I’m still a virgin.”?

    That takes some faith, and yes a visit by an angel to Joseph.

    Perhaps Mohammad’s wife was also visited, but it was not recorded for history?

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