Google Trend: Islam, most searched religion

Islam is the most searched religion according to Google TrendsClick here to see the graphs and how Islam is compared to Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. There are many reasons why Islam is the most searched. It’s always in the media while the others aren’t as much. This is a good chance for online Islamic websites to give potential dawah (outreach) to non-Muslims.

8 Replies to “Google Trend: Islam, most searched religion”

  1. Nice. Google trends is cool, type in other things, you get cool things. I love google, hence my earlier post on Google.

  2. There are a lot of islamic google videos.. maybe thats’ whats attracting soo many people. Also, there may also be more muslims than non-muslims researching and learning and more involved about their religion.

  3. I researched Islam and received some Dawah lol

    I’m involved in my current religion, but I feel more educated after learning about others.

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