Amazing Football Goals!

I found this on Google video. Football is definetly one of my favorite sports to watch, especially since it’s the only sport that my whole family is interested in (other then cricket). I can’t wait for World Cup 2006 to start. Trinidad, for the first time ever, is participating. This year, the World Cup is in Germany. Germany will make a lot of money of this, being that it will be the most widely watched set of matches in the entire world.

Another amazing video:

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  2. I know know what you mean with the security thing, it doesn’t show up with the IE (it did before though). *sigh* another thing to fix 😉

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  6. Salaam

    Yeah I am taking summer classes inshAllah. Tuesdays and thursdays iA…how about you akh?

    call me if ure on campus this tuesday…we can meet up iA

  7. Football is the best sport, and far superior to cricket (although I understand cricket now). I can’t wait for the WC, if I’m on campus, and I need to watch a game, I’m calling you, or Zaki, or someone who has a TV and Cable. I only have ABC at home, so I can only watch some of the games.

  8. Mad good video. I think the bicycle kick is the single coolest aspect of any sport, and sometimes goals in this game look simply beautiful.

  9. yeap..i like the background music when it is 11:15sec. Honestly, i have watched 75% of these goals before. Some of the are world famous goals at the best moments. Anyway, i can’t wait for th wc either. Yasser, don’t worry about it. I am hooking up at least one tv. 🙂

  10. i thought you guys call it soccer :^)

    and football’s the game where you all run around with a ball wearing those puffy things. :confused:

  11. sorry foreigners, but here in america that sport when u kick that round ball into that big netted goal is called SOCCER.

    Dont mess with Football, a real man’s sport.

  12. actually haseeb, football is very popular term in the US especially in NYC, Miami, LA and Houston for soccer. They call football, American football. American footbal is not a man’s sport at all. It’s all about politics, money and beer. The players wear so much padding. Rugby is the same roughness and they hardly wear padding. Football requires more strength, agility, endurance and stamina combined then american football. The name makes no sense to call it football either.

  13. NYC, Miami, LA and Houston
    – where all the immigrants/FOBs are.

    NFL = national football league
    (no reference to american football)

    Its only called American football – outside of America.

    Lets analyze the two sports:

    soccer – just hit a ball into the net – goal; whoopdidooo

    real football – much more strategy involved, setting up plays, scoring touchdowns, fieldgoals, extra points, two point conversions, safeties… etc.

    and oh yea Super Bowl > World Cup (The World Cup is all about nationalism anyways – which is bida and haraam 😉 )

    haha (i know im askin to be hated on)

  14. How is a game played mostly(90% of the time)by hands named football? If anything, it should be called amrican rugby. Plus, The name for football(soccer) originated far before American Football. There is a copyright issue here.
    World Cup is not all about nationalism. It brings nations together to celebrate something in common.
    Football(soccer) requires much more skills and perfections than A. football, except probably the role of a quarterback. hehe. Anyway, I won’t anger Haseeb any further. I love you Haseeb, but don’t pick on my game;-).

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