Shaykh Nuh in North America

Shaykh Nuh Ha Meem Keller will be in Buffalo, NY at the Al-Nur Islamic Center from June 2 to June 5. I personally recommend anyone who can go to this, should definetly check this out. Shaykh Nuh is an amazing scholar and speaker. For more information about Shaykh Nuh, visit

Shaykh Nuh will also be in Toronto, Canada from June 6 to June 8. For more information, click here.
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6 Replies to “Shaykh Nuh in North America”

  1. “umm this guy is a shaykh, not a pop-star ”

    yeh bro, which is why we sould be even more happy, that inshallah we can learn and grasp some knowledge and that we can be in their presence.

    Heck, its better than any popstar!

    But i guess you mean dont behave like the nonmuslims when they see popstars, for that i hear you.

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