Who’s Afraid of Islam?

I found this video on the blog Brilliance of Islam. It’s a documentary from the UK featuring Fareena Alam & Abdur Rahman Malik of Q News, Azhar Usman and others. It’s pretty good, definetly better then any US made documentary about Islam. Oh yeah, the guy that made the group called ‘MuslimsForBush’ and Asma Gul Hasan are both featured on there. Don’t pay much attention to them (although they may have some good points).

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  1. its intresting when the girl stipulated that Zakat should be 10% of the income… subhanAllah, Allah is the All-Wise.

    man brings back memories of the ISNA conference a couple of years ago, that had that Muslims for Bush booth.. man oh man.. was that unpopular..

  2. i first met fareena alam at a saturday school fun day. she was taking photographs, and I fell in love with her camera. i saw her at a number of q news events after but i never associated her with them. til one day, they introduced her as the editor and asked her to speak. hah. im so clueless.

    she’s very cool mA, and I love her viewpoints. alhamdulilah they didnt get any HT members speaking :rolleyes: .

    btw, totally unrelated, but how do you add word verification for comments on wordpress? and can I have the p/w for the secret stash? (A), im too lazy to email. :p

    take care, wasalam

  3. I’m in there for a millisecond when Fareena is going through the Q-News issue on her computer. It’s in the contributers section.

    I was very giddy when I saw that.

  4. Damn, that Ali guy who founded Muslims for Bush or whatever…oh man…

    May Allah gives us all guidance.

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