Young British Children Learn About Islam

This an amazing and very funny video showing young British children learning about Islam. My favorite part of the video is 15 minutes and 30 seconds in.

Video is from Turn To Islam. (Yes I know it says not to embed, but I linked to the site, so relax!)

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  1. jazakallah khayr for the video bro!!…
    haha Allahuakbar..dam…”thats a sunni mosque and our mosque is a wahabbi” ….subhannallah..that line goes down as classic..!!..Maybe in your petition to that salahmatic thingy you can show them how children are also being influenced..

  2. subhanallah may Allah subhana wa ta’ala guide them and keep them on sirat almustaqeem, ameen.

    man going back to the masjid would be good for her, there are apparently some aqeedah issues she needs to figure out “i’d come back as a dolphin or a unicorn” whoa.. ;), cute.

  3. it was also funny when the kid goes that he dont wanna be a muslim coz he’ll have to miss the innocence of a kid..

  4. salaams akhi…

    LOL masha’Allah funny video…but u guys have named tghe classic lines so i wnt bother…bt masha’Allah its sweet to see young children show a genuine interest my lil cousins used to be like that….they used to pray with me and when they went back home they prayed with a T-towel…and their daddy used to go bilistic…May Allah guide the mother….

  5. my mosque is salafi. I get evil stares when i go in, and im not wearing an abaya. haha. um. yes, in relation to the video, in all honesty I havent watched it cos it kept stopping every 2 seconds.

    and as to the above commentator , Irving person, do u actually know him? cos he sent me an email abt a sufi book reading. :^)


  6. UK muslims seem weird man. I know the ummah is in a crisis, but uk muslims really pointed out a lot of the mis understandings and cultures. Its like this mosque is salafi, that one is hanafis, that one over there is wahhabi man this needs to be cleared up inshallah. We are one ummah! Quran and Sunnah only. We need to all get a long, and stop teaching false islam.

    Allah hu alim
    USA, Latino

  7. Muhammad Ali Lozada …

    Hmmm why would u say that about uk muslim???
    have you meet every muslim in uk?..SUBHNALLAAH

  8. We are not weird thank you very much (*individuals* may be a bit crazy here and there)but on the whole, we all get along fine! ive personally never heard such talk about this mosque being salafi, that one a sunni, that one a wahabbi etc.
    u should go Pakistan and then you’ll see what the beef is about- just mentioning the “W” word… its mad.

  9. MashaAllah..thats actually one of the nicest, purest videos i’ve ever seen.

    U can just see how pure a young child’s nature is, automatically attracted to Islam. SubhanAllah.

    it was very funny as well lol..I loved Amy’s little purchase and the boy with the white scarf..ahha..boys are so obnoxious

    lol “gori pagori”

    “Asian Boys are racist!”

  10. Allaaaaaaaaaaaahu akbar

    I am sooooo happy to have seen this video. well I’ve only seen about 5 minutes yet.

    Thank you so much for sharing it.

    I’m from Bradford so I recognise the places and I can really understand what it’s like for these people because I see so many like them.

    Btw that mosque shown right at the beginning was an Ahle-e-Hadith mosque. And recently they’ve made a “Salafi Bookshop” near there.

    May Allah help us all.

  11. oh God,

    “this is a sunni mosque, and our’s is a wahaabi”

    mashallah, i know it’s not good that she goes to a wahaabi mosque, but the way she says it, damn, so cute. she puts her hand to her chest and pronounces it Wahaabi and is just so proud.

    If i ever see her, i’ll tell her to come to the sunni mosque. I go to belle vue (the school she really didn’t want to go to, so who knows, i may see her)

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